Tiny Superhero


Winning caption by Mahria:
Mochi Man! He’s faster than a 10 rushed holiday projects! More powerful than an angry knitter’s frogging furor! Able to steek 3 sweaters in a single attempt!

Tiny Superhero to the rescue! Distressed citizens want to know: what is this little guy’s superpower? Leave your caption suggestion in the comments, and the cutest/funniest one will win a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop on Monday!

47 thoughts on “Tiny Superhero

  1. not even kidding…i was just considering this morning the prospect of knitting a tiny superhero for my friend’s son….but this little guy’s power is to leap small buildings in a couple of bounds.

  2. This little guy’s amazing ability is to create some of the biggest smile around (and find lost keys)

  3. his superpower is fixing the runs in your stockings! (also wearing a wool/spandex bodysuit all day without breaking a sweat!)

  4. He gives helpful suggestions. (What? Have you seen how small he is? It’s not like he can lift many things. But his suggestions are *really* helpful.)

  5. Faster than a speeding hook! More powerful than a knitting needle! Able to leap over tall skeins with a single bound!

  6. Like the mighty ant, he can lift ten times his own weight! Unfortunately for him, while lifting ten times your own weight may be impressive (particularly if you have fluff and yarn for muscle and bone), lifting ten times HIS weight doesn’t accomplish a lot in the big world.

  7. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, this little guy can fly to the tippy top branches of the Christmas tree, finding the perfect spot for that last strand of tinsel.

  8. Oh, Can I add on to my earlier comment. “In a world of complacency, where most are satisfied with clumps, our hero strives for singly applied strands of tinsel on trees around the world.” Okay, I’m done.

  9. Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: “Hand Wash Only.” This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I’m Fiber-man.

  10. His superpower ? He never forgets his count : never a stitch missing, never a row forgotten or doubled ! THAT’s a usefull superpower ^.^

  11. He searches the corners, back alleyways, and under-dryer hideouts of your house, rescuing lost socks from the clutches of the nefarious Sock Monster!

  12. His super power is being able to fit all yarn/fiber that was bought on vacation into your carry-on bag!

  13. You ask me what my superpower is? To turn everything in site into yarn! With the help of my YarnMaster 2010, turning objects into yarn is easy breezy :)

  14. to help all the mini mochians from big rainbows to tiny trees. he helps them knitt little scarves and tiny pets to promote laughter. he helps everyone big and small, he is the cute, unique, small superhero. He’s Mochmochi-man! always there for a tiny hand or cast-on.

  15. tiny superhero saves the day by banishing those evil untangle able knots in the wool which leads for a better life for the mochi’s

  16. Mochi Man! He’s faster than a 10 rushed holiday projects! More powerful than an angry knitter’s frogging furor! Able to steek 3 sweaters in a single attempt!

  17. Mochi Man has the power of yarn, telling stories to little boys and girls that make them be good for more than the weeks right before Christmas!

  18. He can strip a sheep of it’s wool in 2 minutes flat, you’d be surprised how useful such a superpower such as that can be.

  19. His superpower is to save the world from YARN TANGLES. He can find the burried end of a center pull ball and retrieve it without harming the innards of the yarn ball.. He repells curious puppies and felines from yarn attached to works in progress. He is able to gently guide yarn from even the most unruly skein to the ball winder with nary a snag. As an added bonus, his magnetic personality also attracts lost Chibis.

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