Tiny Sewing Machine

This one probably looks about as hard to make as it was! But I couldn’t resist once the idea came to me.


Winning caption by Mary:
I may be small but I can sew with the best of them…oh wait, why I am telling YOU this…you are biased.

OK, what did the Tiny Sewing Machine say to the fabric? You tell us! Leave your cute/funny caption in the comments (one per person, please), and our favorite will win you a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop on Monday! (And your answer doesn’t have to be based on the above-mentioned exchange.)

56 thoughts on “Tiny Sewing Machine

  1. Hem….. I am sew materialistic that I will have you in stitches perhaps I will be a singer when I grow up

  2. I have no caption to add, but a request:
    Please, Please pattern this one for us! I need a tiny knitted sewing machine!

  3. I’m lousy at captions, but I love tiny sewing machine! So cute! :) It might be my favorite tiny thing yet!

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