Tiny Sewing Machine

This one probably looks about as hard to make as it was! But I couldn’t resist once the idea came to me.


Winning caption by Mary:
I may be small but I can sew with the best of them…oh wait, why I am telling YOU this…you are biased.

OK, what did the Tiny Sewing Machine say to the fabric? You tell us! Leave your cute/funny caption in the comments (one per person, please), and our favorite will win you a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop on Monday! (And your answer doesn’t have to be based on the above-mentioned exchange.)

56 thoughts on “Tiny Sewing Machine

  1. Hem….. I am sew materialistic that I will have you in stitches perhaps I will be a singer when I grow up

  2. I have no caption to add, but a request:
    Please, Please pattern this one for us! I need a tiny knitted sewing machine!

  3. I’m lousy at captions, but I love tiny sewing machine! So cute! :) It might be my favorite tiny thing yet!

  4. You’ve finally found someone who can needle you and keep you in stitches all at the same time!

  5. Seams like it’s your lucky day! I can’t wait to transform you into the garment of your dreams!

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