VK Live was Awesome!

This past weekend at Vogue Knitting Live was pretty incredible! I met so many knitters who shared my enthusiasm for knitting toys, along with many designers and other great people in the business. It was wonderful to share what I do with all of them.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law helped me set up a smaller version of my show from October in the gallery area of the marketplace. We make quite a team—we were able to stitch it all together in about 3 hours!


We reconfigured it a bit for the smaller space, and made the river the main connecting feature since we didn’t have the model train this time.


My biggest new addition was a giant Mochi girl sitting on top of the mountain and causing all of the goats to tumble down.



The animal skin that you can see in the background is by Ruth Marshall, an artist who goes to the Museum of Natural History and charts the skins there precisely before recreating them in knitted form. They’re incredible to see in person. It was wonderful to meet all of the other talented artists in the gallery—Ben Cuevas, Hannah Haworth (who brought a giant knitted whale!), and Alyssa Ettinger.


I don’t have a lot of pics with people in them, because I was just too busy to take pictures when it was busy on the floor. But I did get a photo of Melodie, who stopped by with the jumbo Petite Pencil (from Knitting Mochimochi) that she made!


And lastly, Debbie Bliss (yes, THE Debbie Bliss) stopped by on Sunday! She even bought a copy of my book and asked me to sign it for her. I was a little star struck.


I don’t have photos from it, but I also have to thank Knitty City and Kim Small from Random House for arranging a book signing on Sunday.

So that was VK Live. It was full of awesome, and I hope I have the opportunity to be there again next year!

7 thoughts on “VK Live was Awesome!

  1. VKL Was amazing. I can imagine knitters that attended just laying in their beds this morning daydreaming about all the wonderful designers, yarn and knitting projects they saw. The people were all wonderful and so enthusiastic. If you didn’t go this year put it on your calendar as a must for next year! I hope the whale made it home safely….

  2. Your experience sounds amazing as does VK Live. I wanted to go, but just couldn’t justify the expense. Maybe next year (or 2013… things being what they are).

  3. I did not get to the city to see, the show, but what were some of the other things you added? The whole thing is so cool!

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