John Set a World Record!

I just had to share this exciting news: John is in the new “Gamer’s Edition” of the Guinness World Records book!



As you can see, he set a record of the most Gamerscore points achieved on the Xbox 360 in a 24-hour period. His original purpose for playing randomly point-generous games on the Xbox for 24 hours straight wasn’t to set a record per se, but to prove a point about meaningless points for an article for Eurogamer.

This happened in May of last year, smack in the middle of the first heat wave that we had in NYC. (No air conditioning for us.) It was grueling for him, and not easy to watch once he hit hour 18 or so. The whole thing was pretty surreal, and the bizarreness was enhanced by the fact that one of the games he spent the most time with—and I’m not kidding here —was Hannah Montana: The Movie. (It gives you mega points right and left for riding a horse and doin’ your thing on stage.)

I took this picture of him at the end of the 24 hours, which had begun at 10 am the previous morning.


Congrats, John! Please never try this again.

You can keep up with my husband the games writer and TV critic at his blog.

9 thoughts on “John Set a World Record!

  1. That is really neat actually.

    Scary thing it, he has more gamer points in one day than my husband and I put together over 4 months.

  2. It is more amazing to me that anyone could navigate the protocol required to qualify for entry in the Guinness Book. Congratulations on both achievements!

  3. Wow. He deserves some kind of award just for playing Hannah Montana – that alone takes more grit and determination than I possess ^_^

  4. That’s awesome, and with the exception of my husband not writing articles (he used to do reviews for Netjak) is exactly the type of thing I could see him doing.

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