Tiny Baby Bunnies

Taking pictures with the Dust Bunnies yesterday got me thinking that I could use more bunnies in my life. Coincidentally, today is the start of the year of the Rabbit, so I just couldn’t resist.


(I actually have some very big plans for these little guys. More on that soon!)

Happy Bunny Year!

18 thoughts on “Tiny Baby Bunnies

  1. Uber-cute! Looks like you got your hands full. I can see you waking up one morning and being covered with these guys! They are taking over the world! lol cute!

  2. How could I´ve missed this site!!? I LOVE it! It´s marvelous!!! :D & this lil fellows are cutter the a bunch of kitties!!

    Keep up the good work here & take really good care & happy new year!

  3. oh i hope you make this into the pattern :) i have a boy and a girl bunny….. there seperated but i would love to have hundreds of these instead of (a bunch of) live squiggly ones.

    great job happy new year :)

  4. They are so cute! You said that you had “Big Plans” for them later in the year. I think that you are going to do something with them and those mochis…

  5. They are so cuuuute!!!!!
    Can you please make them into a free pattern? I am dying to make one of those (well more than one actually)!

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