March 31st: Knit Mini Doughnuts with me at The City Bakery

Live in NYC? You can join me and Brooklyn General for a Doughknits workshop at The City Bakery on March 31st!


The workshop will be part of the City Bakery Night of Knitting on the Rocks, which will include cocktails, hot chocolate, food, and knitting workshops by local yarn stores.

Tickets are $45 and space is limited. Find out more at the Facebook event page and buy tickets at Brown Paper Tickets.

Not able to make it to this event? The doughnut pattern will be part of the next Tiny Things pattern collection coming soon to the Mochimochi Shop!

9 thoughts on “March 31st: Knit Mini Doughnuts with me at The City Bakery

  1. So happy the pattern will be available for purchase soon, as I’m in MA and too far away to attend! But the tiny doughnut is one of my favorite tinys! : ) Hope it’s a great night, and all goes super well!

  2. I’m in MA too! maybe enough of us can gang up and get her to come here. Can’t wait for these to come out!

  3. I got y’all beat. I’m in MN! I’m also a huge fan of donuts and can’t wait to get my hands on this cute li’l pattern! Keep up the tiny things creations – I love them!

  4. Oh, I was hoping you would say that they would be the next free pattern. Just too adorable to resist!!!!

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