Snowman Planet

So I know all of us in the northern hemisphere are ready for winter to be over already, but somehow I’m still hooked on the snowmen this year.


This big guy is going to be part of my show in Berlin in April. See, he’s a planet shaped like a snowman, and the aliens that live on him are all snowmen doing various things like having snowball fights, standing on their heads, and building other snowmen. Making this piece has me realizing just how versatile those little stick arms are. I’m thinking I could fill a whole room with snowmen hijinks if I had nothing better to do!

More photos and details about this show to come.

17 thoughts on “Snowman Planet

  1. Oh, I used styrofoam balls instead of stuffing for the big snowman. He’s not so good for hugging!

  2. Wow, not only fab but educational- I never knew that snowmen could make snowmen! Ha ha I wonder if their hands get cold??

  3. oh my goodness! how big is it… oh i know it is as big as a planet! lol so cute thank you for sharing this on your blog. otherwise i wouldn’t have seen the fuzzyness!

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