A Nest of Tiny Baby Bunnies

I’m having a bit of knitter’s block this morning, and so today’s tiny thing is a bit delayed. (Suggestions are welcome!) In the meantime, check out this amazing nest of Tiny Baby Bunnies that Mochimochi friend Sheila made this week.


I can’t get over this cuteness! The fun fur grass is an excellent touch too. Somebody is going to have a very happy Easter, I suspect.

Make your own baby bunnies with the free pattern!

7 thoughts on “A Nest of Tiny Baby Bunnies

  1. seed beads for eyes too!? NICE! I’ve got six made at home – guess who’s going to be doing some eye surgery tonite. . .

  2. Good tiny thing ideas: Tiny octopus, tiny ball of yarn, tiny eraser, tiny mouse, tiny computer, tiny piano, tiny cat, tiny swim goggles, tiny candle (to go with your match), tiny gloves, tiny balloon, tiny piece of cheese, tiny spaghetti+meatball bowl, tiny TV, tiny ipod, tiny deck of cards, tiny t-shirt, tiny pig, tiny angel, tiny ruler to measure your tiny things, tiny book, tiny button, tiny grass, tiny heart, tiny spoon, tiny fork, tiny knife, tiny jar of jam, tiny peanut butter, tiny whale, tiny fox, tiny dragon, tiny dino, tiny lizard, tiny seal, tiny beach ball, tiny shark, tiny dolphin, tiny crab, tiny hot dog, tiny lobster, ting dachshund, tiny kitten, and a tiny water droplet. I hope you like my suggestions, and that you use one! :)

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