Jumbo Kinder Egg

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Yesterday’s big Easter candy event for me was the unwrapping of this jumbo Kinder Egg that I had saved from my trip to Berlin. Look how big it is!


If you’re not familiar with Kinder Eggs, they are delightful hollow chocolate eggs that are available in a many countries. But they aren’t sold in the US because they contain a toy inside that often is made of many tiny pieces to assemble. It’s the complex toys, often with moving parts, that make Kinder Eggs so cool.

But not all Kinder Eggs are created equal! The ones from Germany are definitely made of the best chocolate and contain the coolest toys. I had never seen one so big, so I was excited to bring this one back from my trip. Now let’s see what’s inside!

It’s a really big capsule egg! Somehow I didn’t expect it to be this big.


And inside… many little parts! That’s always a good sign.


I love how clear the assembly instructions always are.


And here is the assembled toy. The rubber band at the bottom that lets you wind up Mr. Froggie so he can boat around in the sink.


My husband tried it and it works! The chocolate was delicious too.

18 thoughts on “Jumbo Kinder Egg

  1. I buy those all the time! We only have the little ones in Britain though, and no matter how many I get I always end up with some sort of robot!

  2. So cute! I am so jealous! BTW, did you know that baby bunnies like to play hopscotch? I haven’t uploaded it to Flickr yet, but check my blog!

  3. Those are wonderful. I thought I had seen kinder eggs at Cardullos, but there are a lot of egg-shaped chocolates so I obviously missed something!

  4. Hi again!
    I know this isn’t knit-related, but I just wanted to ask how on earth did you make this website!? I’d like to make my own, but when I see all the steps and complicated language on websites that try to explain how to do it, I either x-out for fear of getting into something bad or just put it off for later, thinking I really don’t need it. I still can’t get over the cuteness and simplicity of this inter. page.

  5. I was positive I saw some kinder eggs in Walmarts or Aldi’s when was in Albany NY. I’m sure you’ll find some in NYC, so you don’t have to feel so bad about that egg there’s more from where that came from (though the eggs in NYC might be a tad bit smaller). They also come in mini candy bars.

  6. I’m amazed and happy you managed to get the egg back with you! i’ve heard horror stories of them being confiscated by US Customs. *sigh* I miss Kinder Eggs.

  7. Kinder Eggs are one of the best things about Germany. The chocolate is the best! Sometimes little candy stores will sell them if you can find them before they get busted!

  8. I’d heard other people talking about these, but never seen one. I am so jealous now.

  9. I thought it was illegal to bring Kinder Surprise eggs into the US? How’d you get it through customs?

  10. i LOVE kinder eggs my sister found some here (NC) at a gas station :) she bought all they had , yippy kinder eggs ;you could puts some of your tiny things in the capsules as gifts.

  11. Love, love, love the Kinder Eggs. So sad we can no longer get them in the US… Glad you had a groovy Easter surprise!

  12. That sucks you can’t get Kinder eggs in the US, WTH???
    We have them here in Canada, they are one of those things that are required at Easter and in stockings at Christmas….and my boys are 21 & 25. They both have a hugh collection of the toys! Love the froggie!

  13. You CAN get Kinder eggs, both the little and the big sizes, at the Swiss Bakery (2 locations in Northern VA). Check the German and Swiss stores!

  14. i love kinder eggs. although the lamest toy was this paper thing i got from the european market down the streen. but that was only one and i’v bought a LOT of kinder eggs!

  15. oh, I remember the kinder chocolade, we always looked forward to these eggs (you could buy them year through though) but with Easter we always got a big egg from our grandparents. I remember eating them on the way to the bonfire on the second easter day.
    Now I have to call my mom and have her send me some!!

  16. I had no idea these were so rare in the states! You can buy them pretty much anywhere you can buy a mars bar in Canada. I still get one at Easter and one at Christmas from my mom, even though I’m 24!

  17. I guess I am lucky to be able to find Kinder Eggs in San Francisco and San Diego fairly readily. I have had German ones before (agree they have the best chocolate). I have also had them from Turkey, Britain and I was surprised to find them while I was in Brazil!! In Brazil my friend got a really fun little toy bird that had a little perch it could sit on and you could make it rock back an forth. The best one I got was a little knight with a tent and a horse all in one little egg! I’ve never seen the larger sized eggs. I will have to keep an eye out at Tip-Top meat in Carlsbad since they carry a lot of German candies.

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