Now Open in Berlin!

I was so happy with the crowds who stopped by all day yesterday to see the knitted solar system! Here’s a quick pic from the opening last night.


It’s enough of a thrill just to exhibit these pieces that I spent the past two months making, but amazingly everything has also sold out! I couldn’t believe that!

Big thank-yous to Anna at Smallspace gallery, to Pictoplasma, and to Lion Brand for providing lots of colorful yarn. Also, to everyone who stopped by! (The show will be open just through this weekend.)

I promise more photos very soon. Now I have go to see all the other shows in the Pictoplasma character walk!

7 thoughts on “Now Open in Berlin!

  1. Awesome! I’m glad that you are getting such a good response, because there was just no way I was getting to Berlin to see it (so, more pictures please!).

  2. I’m so happy for you. But now you have to post more pictures for those of us who couldn’t travel to Berlin! ;)

  3. Hi Anna, I know you from Flickr. I live in Berlin and got to check out your exhibition today. Very nice! I like that weird uphill false floor in the gallery and wondered if you might be hiding under it like VIto Acconci. The knitting ball of yarn is the best. Many passersby were stopping to check it out. Unfortunately that yeti was not in that other window anymore so I missed it. Hope you enjoy your stay in Berlin. Maybe we’ll see some Berlin-inspired knits soon? Like a nice yellow tram or a currywurst?

  4. I visited your exhibition yesterday and was totally enthusiastic! Your works are ingenious!
    Greetings from Hamburg!

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