Recently Discovered Planets

One more post about my recent show in Berlin! It just occurred to me that I took photos of all of the planets before shipping them off to Germany, and these show more details than the pics from inside the gallery. So here are the ones that I haven’t posted here before.

Birthdayville, aka the Cupcake planet:


Planet TV:


… which is plugged into Pollute-o (the only cleverly named planet):




Baby Planet and Cookie Moon:


Jailbird Planet and Ball and Chain Moon:


Gray Comet with Santa (the solar system just needed a Santa):


Purple Comet with Penguins:


Other heavenly bodies include Ursa Majorly Cute (I guess that one also has a clever title), Snowman Planet, and the Giant Ball of Yarn in the Sky.

As I’ve mentioned (and much to my surprise at the time), ALL of these pieces sold, so I won’t be showing them again. Guess I’ll just have to dream up another show for another place…

12 thoughts on “Recently Discovered Planets

  1. I love them all but it’s probably no surprise that the cupcake planet it my very favorite!

  2. These are wonderful and I love seeing more of the detail. I had forgotten about Ursa Majorly Cute, so it is wonderful to see that one again!

  3. These are so adorable! I think the comet with the penguins is my favorite… I just love the little penguins!

    Congrats on selling all the pieces!

  4. They are all wonderful: but the cupcake captured my inner cravings………LOVE the bunnies: have done 4, am doing 4 more and they will be a surprise for folks at work………your bee, snowmen, dust bunnies have been very very popular as a birthday present or just thinking of you surprise gift………sharing………through knitting: it’s magic………….

  5. Oh noes, I had hoped to see them in person! They’re all lovely, but I would love to live on the cupcake planet. I adore the little jail planet!

  6. That is incredibly adorable!! I*love* all the planets < 3 brilliant idea for your exhibit – hope you had a great show!

  7. I am so torn Anna. They’re all too cute, I just simply cannot pick a favorite. You’re so adorably creative. I just love your ideas.

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