Tiny Tree and Small Shrubbery

Winning caption by Sue:
Little shrub to tiny tree: You said you’d never grow up…

Photo by Brandi Simons

This week’s Tiny Thing(s) is a little bit of a cheat because I actually made this Tiny Tree and Shrub way back in 2009. It was going to be in my book Knitting Mochimochi, but it was cut because of space. (Nothing personal, Tiny Tree and Shrub!)

Maybe you can tell by the discontented looks in their eyes, but this Tiny Tree and Shrub are not exactly best friends, although they’re stuck with each other on their small bit of grass. What soured their relationship? Speculate in the comments, and we’ll choose our favorite caption on Monday to win a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop!

37 thoughts on “Tiny Tree and Small Shrubbery

  1. Small Shrubbery is simply SICK of all the short jokes. Tiny Tree can be so mean sometimes…

  2. Listen, shrub, stop playing rootsie with me. I keep telling you I’m not into seasonal relationships!

  3. Tiny Tree resents Tiny Shrub’s Napoleon Complex, and Tiny Shrub just thinks that Tiny Tree looks down on him.

  4. Tiny Tree: “Why don’t you branch out a little?”
    Tiny Shrub: “Oh, just leaf me alone!”

  5. Little shrubbery: “Be careful or I’ll cut you down with… a haring”

    (haha, I needed to post it here :). The word “shrubbery always makes me think of Monty Python)

  6. Tree: “Hey shrubbery, there were some guys in armor looking for you. And other guys with coconuts following them…”

  7. Small Shrubbery is angry at Tiny Tree because Tiny Tree wasn’t interested in a relationship. He only wanted to spread his seed-stitch!

  8. tiny tree and tiny shrub are in a fight about who gets the fertilizer yarn……….

  9. Shrub: “Uggh! I do not want to be near you!!!! He used to be my boyfriend, but we had a terrible phone breakup. He cut me off!”
    Tree: “Well you know….we belong together! I’ll make sure I pick on someone my own size.
    Shrub: “Harde har.”

  10. Tiny tree: “You have to put your roots down somewhere if you ever want to seed.”
    Small shrubbery: “Coming from the tree who’s one bad relationship away from owning 30 pet termites.”

  11. they were friends until the shrub lost his trunk. so now the tree is stuck with a tree without a trunk.

  12. People always come to beat around the bush, but never do they dance around the tree.

  13. Shrub: “Did you see it?”

    Tree: “OMG! I DID!”

    Shrub: “What is it!?!”

    Tree: “I don’t know! Get away fromm… oh wait.”

  14. the bush raised the tree since he was a sapling, but does the tree care ?
    NOPE !!
    he has to be upity about every thing.

  15. Small Shrubbery and Tiny Tree have had their ups and downs whilst living on the same turf. However, because trees always grow up[wards], Tiny Tree beleafed they should go through therapy to figure out the root of their problem. Fortunately, they sucseeded in doing so and have been on that turf ever since.

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