Tiny Factory Propaganda


This bit of Tiny Factory propaganda comes courtesy of Bob, the winner of the caption contest! That means Bob gets the free PDF pattern for Error. Yay!


We had lots of great captions this time, so a few honorable mentions go to:

Recession? Tiny Factory stays busy because tiny cuteness is always in high demand!
by *Justine*

Tiny factory worries abut his wool footprint. It could always be smaller!
by Katherine

Who’d have thought downsizing could be so cute!
by Denise

Thank you for all the great captions, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Tiny Factory Propaganda

  1. I noticed that your free patterns said no selling without permission…So Iwill ask your permision to sell the items that I make from your patterns. I am in elementary school, and got invited to go to washing D.C., but i dont have enough money.and selling these things coulreally help.soplease e-mail me my answer. thanks!

  2. It is NOT Tiny Factory. It is for “ERROR” I’m new to this and screwed it up. I don’t know where to submit the caption. :-(


    Tiny Factory – It was just a small error. Nothing that couldn’t be handled.

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