Rush Hour on the Mochi Train

The mochi count is now at… 320! So in August, the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC will be home to at least that many mochis, all stuck together into one very colorful art piece. I started sewing them together recently, and I’ve been having a blast.


I want to keep the final piece under wraps until August, but that’s a little peek at how part of it is looking. It’s a good thing that everybody showered just before things got cozy! 320 quickly starts to seem like a very small number when they’re all squooshed together like this, so I’ll keep making as many as I can and keep adding more to the piece.

The finished piece will be on display at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio August 1st through October 31st. Much of the yarn that I’m using came courtesy of Koigu, so once again, big thank-yous are in order for both Lion Brand and Koigu!

6 thoughts on “Rush Hour on the Mochi Train

  1. call me weird, but when i see all those little mochis piling in together, it reminds me of a spencer tunick photo. what does that say about my relationship to yarn i wonder…

  2. I love the yellow ones in the upper right. They make me think of summers when my family and my step sister’s family (well, the other children) would pile into the car. It was super tight, but we were so happy to be out and about that we had smiles plastered all over the place.

  3. I would never have the patience to knit 320 of the same thing. Wow! (They are also really cute)

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