Tiny Crab

Winning caption by Les:
Tiny crab is trying to pinch out the last bit of sunscreen. He’s starting to look like a lobster!


It’s been feeling like a moist oven here in NYC this week, and at times I felt like scuttling off into the East River for some relief. Hence, a Tiny Crab seemed appropriate!

I wonder what Tiny Crab pinches when he gets hot and crabby? Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll choose our favorite on Monday. This time the winner will get a free PDF pattern for a cool, soothing Rainycloud!


39 thoughts on “Tiny Crab

  1. Tiny Crab wishes he could knit, but every time he tries, he ends up snapping the needles with his tiny claws.

  2. Tiny Crab was once in love
    With Little Miss Crab, who was sent from above

    One day they went to the beach, and she sent him for ice cream
    So Tiny Crab walked down by the stream.

    He got two ice creams, both flavored with kelp
    He ate his, but when hers melted, there was nothing to do but help.

    He ate her ice cream, all up in a gulp
    And she got so mad, she could’ve beaten him to a pulp.

    “What happened, what happened?” she cried.
    “It was melting, and I ate it… but please know that I tried.”
    In an angry, hungry, haste, she appropriately replied:


  3. Tiny Crab pinches his claws together and knits some seaweed to make himself a tiny hammock so he can chill & relax :-)

  4. Tiny crab wants a hug! And if he doesn’t get one fast he is using those tiny claws to snatch your cookies AND your frappuchino.

  5. Sometimes when crabby feels like a grinch,
    he goes up to someone and gives them a pinch!

  6. A tiny carb,
    what does he do,
    but walk around all day.

    He looks and looks,
    but not for food,
    for wool and needles to play.

    With pattern in place,
    and design at mind,
    small crab begins to knit.

    But what is this,
    his claws they clamp,
    the magic begins to rip

    Poor tiny crab,
    his work is gone,
    just strands left to show.

    But crab persists,
    and stats to stick,
    the pieces row by row.

  7. a tiny crab is feeling quite drab
    so he went to crabby facility mab
    she pinched him and said with a bonk on the head
    “i facility mab am felling quite mad!”

  8. Tiny crab is trying to pinch out the last bit of sunscreen. He’s starting to look like a lobster!

  9. When things get hot this tiny crab “takes a pinch of this and a pinch of that and makes himself a margarita”

  10. My name is Louie
    I come from the sea,
    To make from me cakes
    Would be a mistake,
    It’d be full of wool
    And make you too full.

  11. Oh, those wonderful fishermen! They’re lowering some food to me! How thoughtful.

  12. Mr. Crab saw his wife looking as though she was in desperate need of a good pinch, so he snuck up on her and gave her one, square on her back side.

    To this, she gave him no satisfaction of a response and instead continued with her knitting.

    Little did Mr. Crab know at the time, but what Mrs. Crab was knitting were claw restraints, for the next time he decided she was in good need of a pinch!!!

  13. TIny Crab pinches those annoying seagulls that squawk and squawk at him because they think he is FOOD!!

  14. Tiny crab cannot believe how many people want his autograph after he made an appearance on Sex and the City!

  15. Tiny crab hates to be told not to pick at his food. He’s been known to take a swipe at his critics’ wagging fingers!

  16. “it’s hot! it’s hot!
    i’m feeling quite crabby!
    from being locked,
    in this giant abbey.
    Oh wait!
    Oh wait!
    i’ve found my knitting,
    hopefully my scarf
    will look quite fitting!”

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