Tiny Popsicles

Winning caption by Heather:
“We should have our own clothing line, like the Olsen twins.”
“But clear plastic is sooooo last season.”


Twins have a special kind of bond that most of us will never understand. Tiny twin popsicles probably have an even more unique relationship, what with their conjoined-ness and the threat that either one could be eaten at any moment.

Add your Tiny Popsicles caption in the comments (one per person, please), and John and I will pick our favorite on Monday. The winner this time will get a free PDF pattern for… Flapjack Frogs, of course!


58 thoughts on “Tiny Popsicles

  1. “Well at least I won’t ever be lonely…unless you get eaten”said Tiny Popsicle 1 to Tiny Popsicle 2.
    “What if you get eaten huh!”said Tiny Popsicle 2.
    “What have I done,” Tiny Popsicle 1 muttered as Tiny Popsicle 2 freaks out.
    Two older conjoined Popsicles are watching them,shaking their heads,muttering “teenagers always freaking out about everything”.

    Once were popsicles two
    (Both popsicles were blue)
    Remembered by none,
    They were left in the sun.
    After a spell, they were wished for
    Indeed, they were sorely missed for,
    But they’d been remembered by none,
    And been left in the sun;
    The popsicles merged into one!

  3. (To the tune of Come Together by the Beatles)
    They knit and purl, they got ice cube best friends
    They got ice cream sandwich, they got chilled strawberries
    They say, “Those Hot Pockets aren’t even sweet!”
    Got to be eat them up ‘cos they expire next week
    Come together, right now
    In the freeze :)

  4. “We should have our own clothing line, like the Olsen twins.”
    “But clear plastic is sooooo last season.”

  5. One teeny popsicle turned to his conjoined teeny popsicle twin and said, “Is it hot in here or is it just me?” The other teeny popsicle replied, “AH! A TALKING POPSICLE!”


  6. Popsicle 1: Why do you always look so blue in the face?

    Popsicle 2: Because I am infused with artificial flavors and artificial colors, like you are.

    Popsicle 1: Oh, well actually I’m blue because I’m the cool one, but now I know why you are blue too!

  7. they may seem corn syrup sweet to each other but secretly each is hoping for the other to be eaten…

  8. “I’m the oldest!”
    “Na uh! I froze at least two seconds before you!”
    “Na uh!”

  9. The possibility of being eaten is a sticky situation, but tiny twin Popsicles are convinced that their love can melt any heart of ice.

  10. “Now that we’re knitted, we’ll never melt and won’t be eaten, we’ll be together forever!”
    (Out of sight yarn munching cat) “Think again…..”

  11. “I told you mom said never to play outside of the freezer, now look at what you have done.”

  12. Everyone came to the picnic: tiny popsicle, lemon, doughnut jellybeans, strawberry, etc.; they were having a great time until tiny chef showed up with his whisk…

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