Tiny Pineapple


Winning caption by Gulnoza:

Grilled, mashed, baked, conserved,
Dried, fried, sliced or preserved,
Tiny Piney can do them all,
Even though he’s oh-so small!

As we all know, a Tiny Pineapple neither comes from a tiny pine tree nor is related to a tiny apple. So where did this peculiar tiny fruit come from?

Leave your caption in the comments to this post, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday. The winner will get a free PDF pattern for Uh-Ohs, a Mochimochi Land classic!


37 thoughts on “Tiny Pineapple

  1. Tiny Pineapple can’t wait to re knit the pineapple he came from.He had to unravel it because he discovered loose stitches.

  2. Teeny tiny Hawaii…..where he lived with his bff’s mini cottage cheese and teeny Canadian bacon. One day he decided he was more than just a delicious topping.

  3. What stitch did you use to make this little guy? it almost looks like theres cross stitch on top of the knitting?

  4. Kelly – I just used a simple seed stitch, which is [k1, p1] repeated throughout the round, and then reversed [p1, k1] in the next round, and so forth.

  5. My mom was a hedgehog and my dad was a deliciously fruity drink. They got along famously and then I appeared. I have a stepsister, Durian, who comes from my dad’s previously relationship with an angry komodo dragon.

  6. i floated in from the sea and landed on the beach, perhaps someone dropped me off a boat? i cant remember, i hit my head on the way here.

  7. the tiny pineapple is native to South African and has the same properties of a normal cone, but corrected and expanded, is very aromatic and sweet.

  8. When hanging out with Tiny Coconut and Tiny Rum, Tiny Pineapple likes to refer to themselves as the Purla Coladas.

  9. “Please don’t mistake me for half of an unopened corn husk!”

  10. Tiny Pineapple’s ancestors came from South America, but he lives in Jamaica, Queens

  11. Tiny Pinapple is waiting on Waikiki for his girlfriend Tiny Coconut where they’ll make delicious Tiny Pina Coladas together.

  12. Tiny pineapple has no idea where he came from, but he knows he came from a seed (stitch).

  13. Grilled, mashed, baked, conserved,
    Dried, fried, sliced or preserved,
    Tiny Piney can do them all,
    Even though he’s oh-so small!

  14. Tiny pineapple doesn’t know where he came from, but faintly remembers something about a tin can…

  15. Oh tiny fruit, you are so yellow
    You make me want to say Hello.
    You’re not from a tree
    Where from – please tell me
    Oh now I know – you’re a herb, my little fellow!

  16. I…teeny pineapple am from the land of Hawaii (Maui to be specific). And I…teeny pineapple was (obviously) the cutiest pineapple there. And I…teeny pineapple was made from the legendary seed of stitch.

  17. Tiny pineapple came to be when an apple seed was stitched into poorly sewed soil…part apple, part…?

  18. Tiny pineapple has no idea where he came from. All he knows is that after he put the lime in the coconut things got a little weird.

  19. This pineapple appeared one morning from …. an egg!
    Imagine the look of her mother chiken when this tiny pineapple came out her dear egg instead of a chick!

  20. Can anyone provide the pattern for the pineapple. We are sending off little gifts for homeless and AIDS children in Africa, and would love to do these! Please help!


  21. So that’s where he is! He actually fell out of my knitting bag. Fell/ pushed. It was all kind of vague…apparently there was some type of altercation with the cable needle and well…I think you get the picture. :)

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