“Get Hooked” at Tante Netty, The Netherlands

According to my web stats, 155 people from The Netherlands visited my website last week. So this news is for my Dutch readers (and others in Europe, too—those countries are all so close together)!


Along with works by Thomas C. Chung, some of my knitted pieces and fiber art will be on exhibit for the next two months at Tante Netty gallery in The Netherlands. “Get Hooked” will open on September 4th and will be on exhibit through October 30th. The gallery is also organizing other urban crafting events around Dutch Design Week at the end of October.

Visitors will be able to see my Giant Yarn Ball in the Sky, along with 50 selected Tiny Things from my blog series.


And knitted paint by Thomas C. Chung will also be on exhibit—I really wish I could see this in person!


Here’s the official show info:

Second exhibition gallery Tante Netty: Get Hooked!

On Sunday September 4th, Tante Netty opens the exhibition Get Hooked! With its second exhibition, the only Dutch offline blog gallery shows the reinvention of the craft of knitting. The exhibition features works of the online popular artists and urban knitters Anna ‘Mochimochi Land’ Hrachovec (US) and Thomas C. Chung (AU). Local urban knitters present their work as well. The exhibition runs from September 4th until October 30st. During Dutch Design Week (October 23/30), visitors can join tag knitting workshops, yarn bombing parties and guerrilla knitting events.

Tante Netty gallery is a really interesting space, so even if you have no way to get there in person, the website is certainly worth a visit!

8 thoughts on ““Get Hooked” at Tante Netty, The Netherlands

  1. That’s great news (also for the tiny things, travelling that far :-)) I will definitely go to Eindhoven to visit this exhibition!

  2. So great to hear from people who can actually visit the show!

    M.C. – The Giant Yarn Ball is a piece that I originally made as part of an installation earlier this year. I wrapped a form with 7 balls of yarn!

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