Jumbo Petite Pencil

This time of summer makes me a little nostalgic for the start of the school year. It was always such a thrilling mix of dread and excitement and new school supplies. With that in mind, I recently thought to see just how big I could get Petite Pencil (one of the mini designs from my 2010 book Knitting Mochimochi) to be using really thick yarn.


Pretty big, right? Don’t ask why he’s trying to write on my laptop—I guess he’s not that sharp…

I used a combination of Hometown USA and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarns by Lion Brand. After so much tiny knitting, it’s really fun to pick up some size 10-1/2 needles and make something hefty in an hour or so. The pattern is the same as the itty-bitty guy in the book, except I added a couple more rows to the yellow part of the pencil.

I just shipped off my Jumbo No. 2 along with a few other guys to Schmancy in Seattle, where they will be a window display for next month. I’ll share pics of that when I have them!

20 thoughts on “Jumbo Petite Pencil

  1. Haha! Too cool! I’ll have to try that sometime. I wonder if my other pencil, Pencil Paul (who was done in worsted weight), would like a big brother…

  2. I love the big pencil, though the little pencil (especially if made sans eraser) always reminds me of those little nubs I would try to write with.

  3. Now that is just so cool! I owe my son the next knitted toy and I am thinking this would be perfect.

  4. Love it! I just got my book in the mail and can’t wait to try the patterns. A giant cupcake sounds good right about now :)

  5. M.C.:

    why! why cant i knit with dpns why

    I can’t very well, either, but you don’t have to. Try this: Instead of casting on 4sts in the beginning, cast on 6sts. Then, instead of doing, for example, kfb 4 times, you k1, kfb 4 times, k1. What this does is give you extra stitches on the ends to mattress stitch the toy closed. This means you’ll probably have to increase/decrease on a purl row, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too hard. You could probably even add or remove a row in some places, if that makes it easier.

  6. Eliana, I can’t use dpns at ALL, and I’ve knitted countless mochi stuff just by following the pattern but improvising a bit, then seaming at the end. You get used to it!

  7. Knitting with dpns is difficult, I had to go through several books and websites to understand it. Knittinghelp.com has a wonderful tutorial under “advanced techniques,” if that helps.

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