After nine months of knitting, my big colorful installation is up at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio!


A lot of crazy went into this piece, and so I decided the title had to reflect that spirit. It’s Mochimochimochimochimochi. (Try saying it three times fast?)


My final count of the colorful little guys was 372, but they’re hard to count now—they’re stitched so tightly together that some of the smaller ones can’t even be seen from the front anymore.


If you’ve been following this project, you might remember that my original idea was just to knit as many mochis as I could, and then put them all together into one big mass of mochis. As my deadline approached, though, I started feeling less enthusiastic about a purely abstract piece, and I decided to add a couple of larger characters.


These bigger guys give the finished piece some context, turning the crowd of mochis into a ball pit that they just jumped into.


I am thrilled to have this up at such a great space, and I have the wonderful people at Lion Brand (especially Patty, Marni, and Edita) to thank for making this happen. Also, a big thank-you Koigu, who provided much of the bright, colorful yarn in the piece.

Mochimochimochimochimochi is on exhibit at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC through the end of October. I hope you will stop by to see it if you’re in the Union Square area!


I’ll also be doing a book signing at the Lion Brand Studio on September 8th. More info about that soon!

17 thoughts on “Mochimochimochimochimochi

  1. The pictures look great! I’ll have to go to Lion Brand to check it out. Right now, it kinda reminds me so Scrooge McDuck. Instead of swimming in gold, they are swimming in mochimochi. I really like the bigger characters. They look like they are trying to immerse themselves in the vibrant colors. I relate to that ;)

  2. luv it anna! u r so creative.

    if only i could knit with dpns. ive looked on so many different websites

  3. Thanks everyone! This took an incredible amount of time, so it’s wonderful to finally have it finished and show it.

    Mandy – you can find Koigu in many yarn stores, and it’s available online from

  4. They are multiplying….oooh look, there they go again….multiplying and multiplying. Wow. A wonderful art work!

  5. Aaaw, so cute!

    You should really consider having the mochis as a free pattern. They are tooooo adorable!

    Love the art piece:)

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