Tiny Mermaid

Winning caption by Carrie:

No, she does NOT want to go out for sushi, thank you very much.

Maybe you have spotted this watery creature in the pages of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi?


Tiny Mermaid wouldn’t dream of growing legs and walking on land. But why is she so excited about life in the sea? Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday!

The winner will get a free PDF pattern for Puppet Love!


To those in the path of Hurricane Irene: stay safe this weekend!

46 thoughts on “Tiny Mermaid

  1. Tiny mermaid is excited to be a “Chinese Knitting Mermaid”, wishing to lead sailors to her Loom, not their Doom

  2. All her friends live under the sea: not only SpongeBob and Patrick Star!, but also tiny crab, tiny sea snail, tiny octopus…

  3. There is a kingdom under the sea where mermaids ride star fish while wearing purls galore and knit happily ever after

  4. Tiny Mermaid is glad to go to the sea because, her merman is waiting for her, They will have the fish wedding of the century!

  5. Well, she used to be a normal sized mermaid, but being in the water for so long caused her to shrivel up to the *size* of a prune!

  6. An excited teeny tiny mermaid hopes that teeny tiny merman won’t get cold fins about their first date tonight!

  7. No need for manicures and pedicures in the sea and her hair always has plenty of volume. She was also born swimsuit ready. No pesky shaving for her.

  8. You can certainly use magic loop with my patterns, although it works better for some things than for others. (I wouldn’t recommend it for the really tiny pieces.)

  9. My Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi book just arrived! I loove it, the pages are so vivid and colourful. Can’t wait to start knitting!

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