Tiny Totem Pole


I couldn’t get a Tiny Totem Pole off my mind this week for some reason! You’ve got to feel a little sorry for the guy on the bottom….

No caption contest this weekend, but I would love to hear what you would put on your totem pole. Tell us in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Totem Pole

  1. Let’s all go on a Teeny Vision Quest. May the Yarn Gods give us the path to untangled glory!

  2. so cute! i’d go with my favorite animals – definitely a squirrel, maybe an elephant, and perhaps a giraffe (on top, of course). that’d be quite the totem pole!

  3. I think I might have to make a bunch of these for my husband’s family for Christmas… They’re Native American and would think they’re adorable :) However, the ‘low man on the totem pole’ is a fallacy. The low man was actually the one who paid for it, therefore placing him on the bottom gave him the most prominence. The people on the top were less important, since you couldn’t see them! :)

  4. I would need a fiber animal of some sort, but choosing between a goat, a sheep, a llama and an alpaca would be tough.

    I’d probably want a cat. (Come to think of it, she sheds enough to qualify as a fiber animal…)

    And some kind of bird, because I think of myself as a bird. Probably a nighingale. I heard them singing one morning in St. Petersburg and I thouht I’d been transported to paradise.

  5. Tiny Totem Pole wants to get a job in a Native American Museum. He hopes to get discovered.

  6. KusalaKnits is right! The bottom spot on the pole is actually the spot you want to have. So that guy on the bottom is sittin’ pretty. :)

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