Tiny Traffic Cone

Winning caption by Emi:
Does this stripe make me look fat??


This little guy has a very dangerous job! He’s often taken for granted, but I thought you readers could give him a little support by offering up some cute captions for him. Leave your caption in the comments to this post, and we’ll choose our favorite on Monday!

The winner will get a PDF pattern for something else very orange… Stackable Cats!


57 thoughts on “Tiny Traffic Cone

  1. The only bad side to his job is when he gets put on drunk peoples heads so they can pretend to be a wizard.

  2. “I’m tiny so you need to be aware and remember – Safety First “says Tiny Traffic Cone.

  3. Tiny Traffic Cone believes in “Safety First!” and asks that you please don’t knit and drive!

  4. Safety cones and construction zones are so common around here, we call him the Tennessee State Tree. This little guy must be just a sapling…I’m sure he’s quite poplar.

  5. Safety conscious single guy lookin’ for love. Likes: people watching, riding in the open back of a pickup, and the band Men at Work…

  6. At work, on the road ain’t no dream. When cars see me they get loud and obscene. I wish I could tell them “I’m temporary!! and seldom!!-and when flipped I can hold your ice cream.”

  7. After hours in the hot sun, ignored and unappreciated, the poor, heat-stroked Traffic Cone dreams of the day when he will reincarnate as a stop sign or a street light…

  8. after all day of a painful life pepole crashing in to me, dogs relieving themselves one word ew if only i had legs, but my friends brother got drunk brought a cone home and his son took if from him and treets it like a dog he walks it, drops food in its “mouth’, and all that other stuff, and one day he will treeted as a dog too.

  9. On the road again.
    Just can’t wait to get on the road again…

    (Me and Willie Nelson hang out a lot.)

  10. Tiny lavender filled traffic cone guards the wool telling moths to “Stop! Now go to the light.”

  11. Why did tiny traffic cone cross the road?

    Because tiny chicken always told him, “You cone do it!”

  12. “Safety first!” He squeaks.
    “Careful crossing!” He warns.
    “Dont drive there!” He reminds.
    Tiny traffic cone and his adorable army of cuteness cones save the day in the sweetest way! :D

  13. Tiny Traffic Cone: Your first line of defense in any knitting emergency! Perfect for blocking the area when looking for a lost DPN, stitch marker or cable needle.

  14. Tiny Cone wishes he is a mouse as he watches Tom and Jerry through the window of a car passing by.

  15. “Don’t run with knitting needles!” This has been a tiny message for your safety from tiny traffic cone.

  16. ”Don’t run with knitting needles!” is his motto. And boy, does he enforce it!

    Darn, someone else said something like that. :( I didn’t see that….

  17. somebody call 911! there is fire burnin on the dance floor! wwooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. sorry that wasnot my caption my caption is

    why couldnt i be an ice cream cone!

    and a question for anna- can you print PDFs?

  19. You think my day job is dangerous? At night, I moonlight at Baskin Robbins 31 flavors ice cream store as a waffle cone form. Now that gets hot!

  20. “You Ain’t gonna knock me down, ’cause I remember y’all from Toy Story! You owe me a favor! Gimme a Massage!” (1 hour later!) “Hey, you! Slinky dog, rub my base!”

    Toys Mutter: “Wow, this cone is bossy! Knock ‘im over, Rex!”

  21. Tiny Traffic Cone – Keeping baby ducks, turtles, and other street-crossing critters from falling into black holes of death, also known as potholes. He’s a hero!

  22. life is good when you’re a traffic cone. you get to save lives… not so good for the ice cream cones.

  23. He is so small that people used to have a hard time hearing his warnings, but one day he turned on his side and became a mega phone and no longer has to strain his voice!

  24. Tiny traffic cone just wants to be loved. All he wants is a tiny stop sign to take to the Halloween Mochi Mochi Land dance!

  25. I think this is too adorable! Had the mistaken impression it was in the new book tho! Want to make lots for my truck driver hubby!!!!

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