The Tiny Bunnies Movement

I recently heard about a fun new Ravelry group that’s all about spreading happiness through bunnies!


The Tiny Bunnies Movement is devoted to encouraging knitters to brighten strangers’ days by knitting up miniature bunnies and leaving them with notes for people to find in random places. I love this idea!

One of the recommended patterns to use is my free Tiny Baby Bunnies pattern, and the members have also suggested other patterns in the discussion threads.

EssiHannaMaria is one member who has her bunnies all ready to go.


Right now The Tiny Bunnies Movement is up to 141 members, but I think if more people knew about it, their numbers might soar. I’ll definitely be keeping up with their covert bunny activities!

11 thoughts on “The Tiny Bunnies Movement

  1. Relearning how to follow a pattern with my friend this weekend and I think we will just have to do this! Thanks so much for posting it!

  2. I found a tiny bunny totally by chance in Edinburgh, Scotland today. I thought, “whats that?” picked it up, read the label and it really made me smile. Such a nice idea to bring a bit of random joy to someone’s day. My bunny has come home to stay with me of course. Thank you!!!

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