Tiny Maki Sushi

Winning caption by Cassi:
Tiny Maki is not just short and stocky,
but very yummy with teriyaki.

Now for the third installment in the Tiny Sushi Set series!


The color might indicate that this Tiny Maki has tuna inside, but maybe it’s just a mystery maki. (I opt for the veggie sushi myself, but a mixed veggie maki proved tricky to knit.)

Leave a caption for our Tiny Maki (one per person please), and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday, who will win…

…the new Tiny Penguin Kit!


I have an idea of what the last sushi item will be next week, but suggestions are still welcome too!

43 thoughts on “Tiny Maki Sushi

  1. I’d have to do veggie sushi too. I’m allergic to fish! But if I had the penguin, he could eat the fish for me!!!!

  2. In an unnatural turn, the fish has actually wrapped itself in a blanket of rice and seaweed as it awaits its fate between chopsticks.

    There, now you will definitely knit vegetarian sushi!

  3. Please don’t mistake me for Tiny Watermelon. We may have the same colors, but our wraps are totally different.

  4. Don’t mind me. I’m just waiting for my maki-ese puppy. He’s named Onigiri.

    I think you should do an Onigiri for the last sushi. I love your book by the way. (>0<) yay!

  5. Maki, Prince of the Sushi Box, says in an epic voice: “Maki or not Maki… that is the question!”

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