Tiny Sushi has a Black Belt in Puns

Loved the caption contest entries this weekend! It was hard to choose a favorite, but I found this one irresistible…


Tiny Sushi to Tiny Edamame: Wasabi?
Tiny Edemame: Nato much, you?

That cute double-pun caption is from Bonnie!

I seriously considered knitting up some Tiny Edamame this morning just for this post, but that seemed a little crazy. However, I am thinking it would be awesome to do a collection of sushi bar tiny mochis, as some of you suggested, so edamame is next on my list for that!

For her caption, Bonnie gets the pattern for Flapjack Frogs!


And here are some other pun-tastic entries:

Has anyone seen my umami?
by Carrie

“Why don’t ya come up and sashimi some time?”
by twinsetjan

“Shrimply adorable.”
by Jennifer

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