Tiny Baked Potato

Winning caption by InStitches:

Dear Ghosts, Goblins, and all related paranormal beings,

This Halloween, could we please avoid doing the Monster Mash?

Sincerely, Potato.

I can’t believe there are still more projects from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi that I haven’t yet featured here on the blog! Tiny Baked Potato is one of them.


Potatoes are so much fun! Now I’ve made Tiny Old Potato, Tiny French Fries, Tiny Tater Tot, and Tiny Baked Potato. I suppose I could keep going with the potato-based foods if I wanted to.

I wonder if Tiny Baked Potato ever wishes he had been cooked differently… Time for a Tiny Baked Potato caption contest!

Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll choose our favorite on Monday. Since Halloween is coming up soon, the winner will get the PDF pattern for Boo the Bat!


Hope to see some of you at Rhinebeck tomorrow! You’ll be able to find me in the author area of Building B in the afternoon.

58 thoughts on “Tiny Baked Potato

  1. I am a baked potato, the perfect epitome of potato kind. I am delicious without any toppings, but can enhance myself with any number of accessories. Why would I want to be any different?

  2. I have so many questions about your process and work.

    Do you have a filing system where you keep everything that you’ve knitted? Are they in one giant box? Do they have their own cubbies? Did you pull out this potato that you knitted when you were making the book, or is this potato long gone and this is a new one? And, based on how much you knit, this must have taken over an entire room of your apartment by now, right?

  3. Steamed, Boiled, Mashed, Fried
    all let out a jealous sigh
    when Baked Potato is dinner’s side.

  4. Dear Ghosts, Goblins, and all related paranormal beings,

    This Halloween, could we please avoid doing the Monster Mash?

    Sincerely, Potato.

  5. Tiny baked potato does not appreciate comments about his size. No matter what people say, he sure isn’t a small fry!

  6. Tiny potato is cozy,
    after a bake in the oven.
    A dollop of sour cream,
    This side I am lovin’!
    He’s creamy and crisp
    And pretty darn yummy.
    In just a few minutes
    He’ll be in my tummy!!

  7. Have you ever tried me as gnocchi with fresh herbs, not boiled, but fresh out of the oven, served with tomato sauce? delicious…

  8. Tiny Baked Potato wishes she had been baked into Tiny French Fries. so that she would never have to ask the question: “does my bum look big in this”.

  9. Tiny Baked Potato hopes her tiny size will help her to stay under the radar at the Thanksgiving table!

  10. Tiny Baked Potato is so glad he is a knitted potato, because he knows he can unravel himself and be re-knit into any kind of potato he wants. But best of all he can never be eaten-because tiny knitted potatoes don’t taste very good :-)

  11. Tiny Baked Potato’s friends all went out and got smashed last night.

    How apropos – I’m making baked potato soup for dinner tonight! :)

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