Mochimochi Photo Contest Sponsor: Schmancy

You may have seen that we have a new sponsor this year for the Mochimochi Photo Contest!

Schmancy, the hip plush and vinyl toy store in Seattle owned by Kristen Rask, is generously giving a $25 gift certificate to the first place winner of this year’s contest.


If you’re a fan of plush toys, Schmancy might be familiar to you because it’s the host of the annual Plush You! show that happens every October. It’s a real plush destination!


I interviewed Kristen last month here on the blog— she’s a real mover and shaker in the craft world, so please check it out if you haven’t!

For those of us who don’t live in Seattle, Schmancy has an online shop where you can pick up lots of the fun and funky toys from the store. (Some Tiny Naked Santas made by me might just be popping up in there in a few weeks.)

You have exactly ONE WEEK left to enter the Mochimochi Photo Contest. Plenty of time to knit a mochimochi toy and photograph it in a fun way! We are seeing lots of great entries in the Flickr pool, but we’re hoping to get lots more before the deadline!

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