Mochimochi Land in 3D

You know those old-school 3D glasses, the paper kind with the red and blue lenses? Like these:


Maybe you have a pair in the bottom of a drawer somewhere? Go get them right now so you can enjoy the rest of this post!


A very cool person named Jess Mireau took these photos at my 2010 show Greetings from Mochimochi. How awesome is this?!



I didn’t even know that they made 3D cameras like this, but Jess tells me that she used one called the Fujifilm W3, on loan from her friend Cory, who has an entire blog dedicated to 3D photos. Jess is an animator herself—you can see her amazing work at

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  1. Hey Anna, will you be posting the tiny totem pole soon? I love it so much and need to make a bunch of them!!

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