Tiny Wreath Needs a Smaller Door


Just how did this ridiculously tiny Tiny Wreath come to be?

A knitter allergic to holiday greens
Wanted a wreath for her door.
She started to knit like a knitting machine,
Sitting while knitting some more.
But when it was finished
Excitement diminished
As she went berserk as she looked at her work:
Instead of using a proper-size yarn
She had knitted with finger-weight yarn!
This wreath, on her door, could barely be seen!
So in frustration,
In pure desperation,
She decided to knit a nativity scene.

That awesome Tiny Wreath poem is by Lydia! For her very merry caption, she wins this adorable holiday tape measure from Tomo and Timo!


Thank you to Tomo for supplying the prize this week! Check out her Etsy shop to see more very cute tape measures, which would make perfect stocking stuffers for crafty types!

4 thoughts on “Tiny Wreath Needs a Smaller Door

  1. I couldn’t think of anything. If I had it would have been a lot worse than that! Congrats on your new tape measure, Lydia!

  2. can you use the same caption more than once?
    here are some tiny ideas:
    tiny maracas
    tiny mcmuffin
    tiny saxophone
    tiny present

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