New Year, New Niece

Look who I got to meet over the holidays!


This little Christmas baby is my brand-new niece Nora. (That’s her mom, my sister, holding her.) She was just three weeks old when I met her and held her for the first time! Weighing just seven pounds, she is quite a bit lighter than my cats. Having little experience with babies and lots of experience with cats, I was making constant baby-cat comparisons throughout the visit. (They’re pretty much nothing alike.)

My Christmas present to Nora was supposed to be a mobile to go over her crib. Unfortunately I got caught up in the logistics of the thing, so the hanging part still has to be finished, but here’s what the animals look like.


Since the baby can’t grab onto things yet, and she can’t even see so well, I didn’t get a photo of her with them. But I’ve been told that my sister’s cat expressed interest in the wool toys. Score one for cat!

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to have a niece. She was an awesome way to start the year!

11 thoughts on “New Year, New Niece

  1. She is a cutie! And Leah looks radiant! I think I was still schlepping around in pjs and slippers at 3 weeks. So a big WOW for Leah!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos – she is the perfect present this time of year. Have fun knitting for your new little niece!

  3. She is beautiful and congratulations to the new family member. I love being an Aunt! I have five nieces and three nephews!

  4. Aww! Congrats to you and your family! :) Babies are such a joy <3 Can't wait until my sister has her first baby so we can knit and crochet toys and clothes and mobiles! :D

  5. Hooray! Congratulations to Leah and to you! Hooray for being an aunt! I have a feeling Nora will have the COOLEST stuffed toys in the world as she grows up. :)

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