Ottlite Interview

The super nice people at Ottlite got in touch recently to interview me for their blog. I love how community-focused their company is—they’re definitely about more than just selling lamps!


The interview was also a great excuse to get my sister-in-law Jenna to take a photo of me with a few of my creations….


(For those who live in the NYC area, Jenna specializes in taking beautiful photographs of pets and children—check out her website if you have either!)

Autumn at Ottlite was also generous enough to send me a Mini Task Lamp as a thank-you for doing the interview. It actually came at just the right time for me, because I’d been thinking my eyes were finally beginning to weaken just a bit after all the tiny knitting I’ve been doing. It’s suuuper bright!


The brightness makes a huge difference when I’m knitting with dark colors at night. I also love how I can just fold it up and place it on the floor next to my desk during the day.

Thank you to Jenna for the photo, and to Autumn and Ottlite for the interview and the awesome lamp!

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