Tiny Fairy can Handle the Tooth

Our Tiny Fairy may not convince everyone of her existence, but there’s at least one fairy job that she’s a pro at…


Periwinkle Sparkletoes
Fluttering on by your snoring nose
Hither and thether
Light as a feather
She sneaks a quick kiss on your cheek
And takes off with your teeth!
But don’t worry my good fellow
There’s money under your pillow!

Thank you to Amanda for that beautiful poem-caption!

For her way with words, Amanda wins this adorable tape measure from Tomo and Timo!


Another thank you to Tomo of Tomo and Timo for contributing the prize!

4 thoughts on “Tiny Fairy can Handle the Tooth

  1. I love that poem! I knew that one would have won! But that tooth Tiny Fairy is holding is adorable!

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