Tiny Sushi Bar Patterns are Here!

Look what’s new on the Mochimochi menu!


Whip up each of these little guys in about an hour for the quickest and cutest made-to-order knits! A little scrap yarn and stuffing is all you need.

The pattern collection is now available as a PDF download for $5 in the Mochimochi Shop!

7 thoughts on “Tiny Sushi Bar Patterns are Here!

  1. I love those! I am going to get them because my mom would love them.

    What color of Palette did you use on the ebi sushi? I don’t have colors like that, and from the images it is hard to tell.

  2. Thanks Lachlan! I’m having a bit of trouble locating my color card right at this moment, but I’m pretty sure the colors I used for the ebi were Conch and Blush.

  3. they may not melt in your mouth but they certainly melt my heart, its just… well sushi with a face, its like up there with the gods of cuteness! one word completely explains what im feeling after looking at your sushi… WANT!!!!!! its just sooooooooooooo cute well now i think i’ve expressed my need for sushi with faces… well done with them great job they look amazing

  4. Anna,

    I LOVE these and just bought the pattern. Chinese New Year is 1/23 – how about doing a similar pattern set for dim sum with shu mai, ha gao, custard tarts, fortune cookies? Or at least your dragon pattern since it is the Year of the Dragon? My family would love it!


  5. I am lucky than–I only need dark green (I think you used Teal) and Conch, because I have Blush and all of the other colors. Thank you!

  6. I remember when we tried sushi in kindergarten. It was so good but now I am allergic to fish(or something like that)

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