Mochimochi in Debbie Bliss Magazine

Have you seen the new Debbie Bliss?


If so, you might have spotted Rainycloud and some Tiny Chickens inside…


That’s right, I was interviewed for the Spring 2012 issue! It was a pleasure talking with Carol Sulcoski in November, and I’m thrilled with the way the interview turned out.

I had the honor of meeting Debbie Bliss at VK Live last year, and I got to hang out with her and her daughter Nell at TNNA in the summer. It was like getting to sit at the cool kids’ table in the high school cafeteria, except these cool kids are super sweet instead of snobby!


Thank you to Carol and to Debbie!

3 thoughts on “Mochimochi in Debbie Bliss Magazine

  1. There was a blip about Teeny Mochi in the latest “Your Knitting Life” that was in my mailbox the other day. I saw it and said “Wow the Knit Master is getting popular!” Congrats I wish you lots of luck. And as a fan I’ll be there fr every book release!

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