Announcing Jumbo Gnome! And a Knit Picks Giveaway!

Update: We’ve selected the winner of the Knit Picks giveaway, but we would still love to hear about your biggest knit in the comments!

I’m so excited to announce the newest pattern in the Mochimochi Shop!


At 18 inches tall, Jumbo Gnome is a huggable project that knits up quicker than you’d think with bulky yarn. The pattern incorporates fun techniques with simple construction, and your new friend will be great at hide-and-go-seek!


Jumbo Gnome also has a little secret: his beard is actually a pocket where he can stash away tiny treasures!


The pattern is now available as a PDF download for $6 in the Mochimochi Shop.

How would you like to WIN all six colors of Knit Picks Biggo to knit your Jumbo Gnome with?


Just leave a comment on this post telling us about the biggest thing you’ve ever knit by midnight Sunday night (April 22nd).

A big thank-you to Knit Picks for supplying the yarn!

458 thoughts on “Announcing Jumbo Gnome! And a Knit Picks Giveaway!

  1. My biggest knit was a blanket – probably going to be a popular response :) But I love that gnome!

  2. The biggest thing I ever knit was a man’s sweater. The pattern was written for worsted weight and I knit it with bulky yarn. It was ENORMOUS and was so heavy it was too exhausting to wear!!

  3. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a zig-zag afghan. Finished length probably should have been somewhere around 8 ft but even with the correct gauge, 9 out of the 12 pattern repeats had it over 6ft long. YIKES!

  4. The biggest thing I ever knit was a full-bed sized aghan made of Lion Brand Homespun. I also knit a version of the Prayer Shawl (but in afghan form, for a man who was going through cancer treatment).

  5. I knit a shawl that was bigger than my queen size bed. It took me 9 months and it’s still the mostly joy-filled item I’ve ever made

  6. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a baby blanket for my nephew. That thing ended up being 40×40. The thing that took me the most time, though, was a shawl that I worked on non-stop, and it probably took me two months.

  7. I’ve never done anything bigger than a sweater, actually. I’ve got some afghans in my queue, but there are too many things I want to make to wear first!

  8. The biggest finished thing I knit was a sweater for my husband-twice. I made it too big the first time, so re-knit most of it.

    I have also attempted to knit with broomstick handles once. I used 1 inch strips of fabric and made a great big thing which we shall call a rug.

  9. The biggest things I’ve ever knit were two yarn bombing projects: one covering a Cooper Mini for an art festival, and one covering a pedestrian bridge over a street for a town holiday.

  10. wow! he is so cute! my husband would love a giant gnome. the biggest thing i have knit is a blanket that looks like the flag of trinidad for a client of my former local yarn shop. lots of garter stitch. i’m byneedleandthread on ravelry if you want to see it.

  11. The biggest thing I’ve knitted is a cat sweater! SInce i started knitted I’ve been obsessed with knitting small things – like MochiMochis :)

  12. The biggest thing I ever knit was this hoodie/poncho from an old issue of Vogue Knitting. It’s in this big, fluffy boucle yarn. I am 5’10” and it is ankle length front and back and 6 feet wide. It is too big to wear in public (I can’t get in a car wearing it), and too long to put on a bed (not to mention the hood in the center) so I pretend it is an afghan on the back of the sofa but friends refer to it as my “hand-knit Snuggie.”

  13. The biggest thing I’ve knit so far is a shawl. I think it will actually be my current wip, but won’t know until I get it blocked.

  14. the biggest thing i’ve ever kniw was a {small} blanket…i’m looking to go big, though!

  15. The Love Muff is definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever knit. I didn’t realize how big (and adorable) it would be until I finished and stuffed it!

  16. The biggest item I’ve knit so far was a hooded sweater with a fair isle yoke that I knit in a month.

  17. The largest thing I knitted was an afghan with 4 strands of bulky yarn and size 50 needles ^_^ My arms would get sore from working on it :p It was about 35 x 54

  18. Oh my gosh he is seriously the cutest thing ever! I think the biggest thing I ever knit is a sweater and not gonna lie… it’s still not done. I am not that dedicated to making huge things… For that reason, bulky yarn is awesome! haha

  19. The biggest thing I have knit so far is a sweater for myself – but I’ve got my eye on bigger things! Love the gnome, and love Mochimochi, too. I’ll definitely be buying the pattern!

  20. I’ve done the Big Owl on… but otherwise, right now, my Bridal Shawl is the biggest/most expensive thing to date :)

  21. I believe the biggest thing I have knit is a striped afghan that is over 5 foot long.

  22. My biggest project so far has been an adult sweater but I would LOVE to knit a big Gnome!

  23. The biggest thing I knitted is a blanket too. I am a beginning knitter and have been teaching myself to knit. I have nieces that would LOVE the Jumbo Gnome.

  24. the biggest thing i’ve ever knit was a scarf, which seems so small. but i got hooked on making the tiny toys right after i started knitting, and now regular sized needles feel jumbo. i do want to try one of those epic size 50 rug knitting kits though!

  25. My first ever project: a scarf. Not the Dr Who length I normally buy, but warm definatly warm enough.

  26. The biggest thing I ever knit was a shawl, a mystery KAL with many lacy yarn overs and dropped stitch patterns. The thing with with most stitches? That was a Parisian Ooh La La Ruffle scarf – you start off small, but double the stitch count every 4 rows. Ended up with a 3200 stitch bind off, but just a gorgeous ruffle.

  27. If you mean biggest as in yardage, it would be the Firmaments Shawl. If you mean in size, that would probably be a shawl sized Clapotis in worsted weight. I think it ended up being 1.5 feet wide and 6 feet long tip to tip.

  28. Thanks for the great giveway! Lovely pattern and yarn! So cute gave me a sugar rush! The biggest thing I ever knitted was a blanket and I finished it on summer so I learned my lesson! Finish blankets before summer!

  29. The largest thing I ever knit was a Lizard Ridge bed-sized blanket for my daughter (she attended college in upstate New York, brrr!). I added a garter stitch border around all the edges with my leftover Kureyon to minimize edge curl and give added length and width. It is about 5′ x 7′.

  30. The biggest thing I knit was a scarf. Not exactly the biggest thing mentioned, but I’d love the chance to knit something jumbo!

  31. The largest (longest, actually) was a Doctor Who scarf at 6 feet long (excluding the fringe, which is still not added).

  32. Would have to be the afghan I knit on chopsticks. Yep chopsticks. I’d just moved to my grandparent’s and didn’t have knitting needles. Knit it in strips and sewed it together after. Thing was huge. More like a bedspread, actually.

  33. Biggest thing I’ve knit is probably my first Doctor Who scarf. It measures a bit over 22ft. lol Can loop it 3 times and the ends still hang to my knees.

  34. Biggest thing I have knit is a sweater (LionBrand’s raglan sweater..) But I do have a blanket on the needles that will hopefully be done soon!

  35. The biggest thing I ever knit was my Shipwreck circular shawl out of my own handspun. It ended up measuring more than 60″ across! I’ve also knit several Cable Comfort throws on size 13 needles using the bulky Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn.

    I’ve made things bigger than that, but those were crocheted projects.

  36. I swear, I probably brag about this all the time, but the biggest thing I ever knit was a giant squid. It is almost as big as me, and my younger brothers could barely pick it up because it weighed so much. He is pretty comfy, though, and I love snuggling up with him.

    (P.S. You can also check him out on Ravelry right here, if you want to see it for yourself!

  37. My biggest knit was a blanket – but my biggest knitting project was hats for the cast of a play my husband was directing – 45 in all!

  38. The biggest thing I have ever knit is a blanket. I have done plenty of them and they are great to work on when it is cool outside so you can keep warm while working on it!

  39. Well, I crocheted a blanket that was lovingly referred to as “The Storm Flag” (it really was that big). But knitting wise, the largest thing I’ve done was a sweater for my husband…he’s a 4x size type of guy. Either that or his Doctor Who scarf. I’m not actually sure which one took the most yardage :)

  40. jess:

    the biggest thing i’ve ever knit was a scarf, which seems so small. but i got hooked on making the tiny toys right after i started knitting, and now regular sized needles feel jumbo.

    Me too! I also made a baby sweater, recently, but that’s also not very big…

  41. The biggest thing I have ever knit was the ZigZag Coat. However I ended up frogging it and re-purposing the yarn. I hated it after it was done. My husband thought I was crazy :o)

  42. I knitted my dog a sweater for the winter, I started a long time before Christmas so it would be done but, alas, sizing issues had me pulling out my rows and re-kitting. Poor Archie the Maltese didn’t get his sweater until the nice weather came. It may not have been the biggest project as far as size, but by the time I’d finished I had knitted what felt like the Great Wall of China!

  43. The biggest thing I have ever knitted is a sweater. But then I got too bored to actually sew it together, so it is still sitting in pieces in my bag.

  44. THe biggest thing I ever knit was a blanket for a king sized bed. It took a whole summer and was done in strips sp I could take it with me wherever I went. THe smallest things are toys for my grandchildren some ony a couple inches tall. The gnome needs a lttle brother.

  45. No surprises here, a blanket for my son. I used up all my left over yarns. Just started going and as soon as one yarn was running out, I had him pick a new color from the leftover stash and kept going. Craziest color scheme, ever. It fits his full sized bed.

  46. The biggest thing I ever knit was a PI shawl that ended up waaaaay bigger than anticipated.

  47. Hi!
    The biggest thing I’ve ever knitted is the blanket I knitted while waiting for adoption: we adopted our daughter in Cambodia and thought I didn’t know the age and gender until the matching with out little one I knitted a bed size blankie to be sure it would fit no matter how grown-up my little one would have been ;-)
    p.s. she was 8 months old hah ah ah

  48. I’ve knit a few blankets for babies and adult laps and such. But really the biggest thing I’ve knit (twice, no less) is a COW. She’s so big that my dear sister-in-law was, in her term, astounded to receive her as a gift. She required more than one of the large bags of fiberfill to stuff her. She’s based on Debbie Bliss’s pattern for Cow in her _Kids Country Knits_ but I knit her in a rust color yarn, hoping it was approximately Jersey cow color, but my brother says it’s more Guernsey cow color. The second one was given to my grandson, now 2 years old. I haven’t heard what he thinks of his cow, complete with little horns and udder and such. I should ask about that soon.

  49. The biggest thing I have ever knit is an almost full length poncho. It was one of my first real knitting projects (after many washclothes :) and I still wear it to this day.


  50. The biggest thing I have knitted was a knee-length sweater worked in one piece. Larger items, such as afghans, I have crocheted.

  51. The biggest thing I have ever knit is an almost full length poncho. It was one of my first real knitting projects (after many washcloths :) and I still wear it to this day.


  52. The biggest thing I ever knit on my own was a fulled shoulder bag. I wanted it to be really big even after it was felted, so I used about a thousand yards of worsted weight wool. It was enormous before it went into the washing machine!

  53. The biggest thing for me was a poncho, using denim colored worsted – I loved wearing it, but it went to an ex-daughter-in-law, and subsequently to Texas, I think. Hope she still wears it!! :^)

  54. The biggest thing I have ever knit is a queen-size blanket for my grandmother to put on her bed when she moved into her senior-living apt. I would so love to win this! My kids love the mini version of the gnome. I have made them so many they have their own little village…lol. A jumbo version would be awesome for them.

  55. The biggest toy I’ve knitted is a Dalek that ended up being about 18″. The biggest thing other than that was a shawl that ended up being about 8 feet long! I kept abandoning the project, but in the end, couldn’t give up on it. Took me 5 YEARS to finally finish it!!!

  56. The biggest thing I have ever knit was a cardigan for my husband. Which was pretty big for me! I loooooove this gnome, thanks for the giveaway!

  57. The biggest thing I ever knit was one of my first projects ever, a chenille blanket. Unfortunately, it ended up super long and really narrow, so it didn’t make a very good blanket.

  58. What a fab gnome, adorable! The biggest things I’ve knitted are a couple of blankets, and the cabled sweater of doom! A good friend requested me knitting him a sweater, and then picked the most complicated pattern he could find! It is also the most beautiful thing I’ve finished though – worth the challenge!

  59. I think the biggest thing I’ve knit is probably my Harry Potter house scarf. It’s stockinette, in the round, more than 5 feet long. I’ve done blankets but I still think that scarf is probably more stitches!

  60. I love this gnome! The biggest thing I have knit is a man’s sweater, but have crocheted about a dozen afghans.

  61. I knitted a 20″ monster from Rebecca Danger’s Big Book of Monsters. I love him. My 14 month old likes to wrestle with him.

  62. As a new knitter, the biggest thing I’ve knitted thus far is the hat I made myself. This gnome is soooo cute! I’d love for him to become the biggest thing I’ve knit!

  63. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was my clapotis. I want to knit a blanket but I have terrible knitter fatigue with bigger projects. Things like this, that are big but take less effort, are the best way to go!

  64. my biggest knit til now is still a WIP – a large wool blanket for my husband that’s mindnumbingly boring – hence WIP. i work on it for a while then have to put it away and do something cabled or more intricate! this gnome looks awesome and i would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  65. The biggest thing I knit is a blue, 2 1/2 foot squid for my youngest. He wanted a squid so I made it up as I went along. The biggest thing I crocheted is an afghan.

  66. The biggest thing I’ve ever *knit* was a shawl – Multnomah in self-dyed KP Gloss fingering. The biggest thing I’ve ever *crocheted* was a baby blanket – one POUND of worsted weight cotton yarn!

  67. The biggest thing I’ve ever knitted was a sweater for myself and then some baby blankets and shawls- I like knitting tiny things! But this gnome is so cute I would make an exception :)

  68. The biggest thing I’ve knit was a baby blanket, but a scarf I knit and a shawl I just finished felt like much bigger knits!

  69. I knit myself a sweater that blocked out to be nearly a foot too long in the body. My mom’s giant knitting mishap is way better though: she knit a cardigan for my dad. Seems innocent until you know that my mother never gauges. Just buys the yarn and starts in. The cardigan could work as a dress on me (with room for someone else). But my dad loves it, even if he can’t wear it.

  70. I LOVE THIS GNOME!!! It is so awesome!!!
    My biggest knit is still in progress…it’s been in progress for roughly 2 1/2 years )=
    It’s a Moss Stich Blanket for my son…he wants it big enough to fit his Queen-sized bed. I have already used 8 skeins & have 7 more to go. I can’t stand to work on it in warm months!!!

  71. I knit patches with various designs, and sew them together to make, um, I guess they could be blankets, but they seem to live on the couch. They make the couch pretty :)

  72. This gnome is adorable and would make my daughter and nephew very happy because their favorite movie is gnomeo and Juliet. Thank you!!!

  73. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a life-size replica of my little brother. It was for a high school art project

  74. I have a WIP that is going to be a big Big Foot! I’m making it with some fun fur yarn, at the present it sort of looks like Chewbacca. It’s a gift for my sasquatch-obsessed coworker and her family. :)

  75. I have made two big things. The first thing I made was an afghan for my husband who is six foot and wanted it to cover him feet to chin, completely tucked in around him when he is laying down. The second big thing is a dragon that is huge, it came out bigger than I thought itwas going to be cause I used worsted weight instead of DK like the pattern asked for. But it came out awesome and my husband loves that too!

  76. The biggest thing I knitted was one of my first projects – a blanket knit out of Thick and Quick doubled up – needless to say, it is Very warm!

  77. My biggest knit so far is probably Umaro by Jared Flood. It was cozy to do it during a cold February.

  78. i knitted a fair-size monkey once for my niece. and then i knitted a sweater for myself–though it was not so much that the sweater was so big but it took me three years to knit. i can’t wait to knit the jumbo gnome, though!

  79. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was, like many, a blanket, but the thing that felt biggest was a pair of baseball style socks for my dad. They seemed to go on for a million miles while I was working on them…

  80. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a blanket for my mother-in-law. It took me nearly an entire year to finish, and I have to make her another one soon, because she’s used it so much, it’s already got lots of holes in it. Or, there could be tiny gnomes hiding in it that put the hols there on purpose because they know how much I dislike knitting blankets….

  81. I knitted a 2.5 ft by 5 ft shawl in garter stitch–it was one of my first projects ever, and I have no idea how I had the patience for it. I can only knit small things now!

  82. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit, in terms of linear meters, was probably my first project, a blanket-like ostensible scarf that I couldn’t really figure out how to stop knitting, so I just kept going, and going, and going, buying more yarn, and finally ending up with a scarf several times again my height.

  83. I knit my sister a seven-foot scarf for the holidays a few years ago. So much knitting, and she doesn’t even wear it!

  84. I haven’t gone too big, just a sweater. I have the tiny beginnings of a scrap blanket, though!

  85. My first project was a blanket. It had a chart and I read it like a book. Took me a long time to fIgure out why the flowers looked funny. I haven’t knitted anything that big since!

  86. my Girasole blanket, actually made in KP WOTA. it’s bright pink. That’s a long time to look at bright pink!

  87. It was an afghan done in strips – 3 were basket weave and the other 2 were stockinette which I then duplicate stitch embroidered with flowers. It was a present for my MIL – until I found it outside on her swing. Then it became mine again :)

  88. The biggest thing I’ve knit so far is a round blanket. It’s over 5 feet across, knit with worsted weight yarn, and it took 2 months to complete.

  89. I knit a zig-zag afghan out of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. It was wide enough for a king sized bed and was as heavy as a boulder! I also made a sweater without checking gauge (I was a beginner, give me a break). It would have fit the jolly green giant.

  90. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit is a Dr. Who scarf for my hubby, first one is over 15ft and I’ve started another that will be over 20. That’s at least 35ft of knitting!

  91. An knitted afghan is in the works to be the biggest thing I’ve knit but right now my biggest *finished* object is a hoodie sweater.

    Love the giant gnome! : )

  92. Oh my goodness, jumbo gnome 4tw@
    The biggest thing I’ve knit was a Recipe for Fish blanket. It came out beautiful, but sewing up all those fish was a little rough!

  93. I tried knitting an afghan using size 50 needles which are like broomsticks. I was using jumbo yarn but the stitches were so loose that I got all confused and had to rip it out. I did knit up the teeny gnome and gave it away to a friend who needed a “good luck” charm. She loved it. The big gnome would be so much fun to knit.

  94. I knit a calf-length double-knit art deco style coat in black and white shine sport from knitpicks. It took 10 months and is still my favorite project to date!

  95. Does it count if I started something big but haven’t finished? I am working on a giant squid hat for a friend. I’ve got the beanie part done and almost all the tentacles (which are stuffed). But still need to make the squid body.

  96. Doctor Who scarf (Tom Baker-style). Over 9 feet long, almost a foot wide, fringe on both ends. With Knit Picks WotA Sport, to boot!

  97. My biggest project was an afghan in college! I do love all your patterns! I think it’s so fun to do the tiny things BIG! Cute gnome! :)

  98. So far my biggest project has been a lace shawl. I don’t have much experience with bulky yarns but what a fun project to start out on!

  99. The biggest thing I have knitted AND finished is a large bag I used as a purse made with bulky yarn.

  100. The biggest project I ever knit was a lace shawl. A massive circle of teeny tiny stitches with lace weight yarn. It literally took me years to knit because I would put it away for a few months at a time. It turned out beautifully!

  101. The biggest thing I’ve knit is wool diaper cover. Jumbo Gnome would be a fun challenge!

  102. My biggest project so far is a 4 foot square baby blanket out of sport weight yarn. It was totally worth it, though, as that is my bff’s daughter’s favorite blanket. She won’t sleep without it! :)

  103. The biggest thing was a cardigan/jacket in Alafoss Lopi…it will soon be the second largest thing as I am about to finish the Great American Aran Afghan, which I really, really love!

  104. The biggest thing I have knit (for its size) was a size 6 kid’s hoodie. That thing used over 1100 yards of yarn once i added the hood lining. I was astonished at what a yarn hog it was. I have knit shawls that used similar amounts of yarn, but that was by far the biggest project. It actually needs part of it frogged and the body lengthened, but I don’t want to until my child is old enough to fit in it.

  105. Awesome!

    The biggest thing I knit (though the crochet seaming is still in progress) is a full size afghan out of sock yarn. I loved the different modular pieces, though I wish I could have done it with less sewing together.

  106. that I finished? a completely oversized sweater with doubled lopi bulky. I still have it and wear once every couple of years on the coldest days. It fits over another sweater!

  107. One year I knit 5 afghans for Christmas…and I started in October. But they were all in bulky yarn, so they went quickly.

  108. Biggest thing I ever knit was a clapotis. I made extra increases to make it more of a shawl

  109. The biggest thing I ever knit was a blanket using Manos del Urguay yarn. Each 12 x 12 square was a different partner. It was so much fun to knit. Now I’m working on a cabled blanket.

  110. Hmmm, I think the biggest thing I’ve ever knitted is a cardigan. It is nearly knee-length, from heavy yarn, with cables. It’s kinda heavy to wear :-)

  111. My mum’s the knitter – the biggest thing that she knit was a blanket for me out of dark red squares and cream squares with pictures on them. It’s MASSIVE and the pictures are so wonderful – my favorites are the camel, snail with an umbrella and pink sparkly elephant!

  112. the biggest thing i’ve ever knitted was a blanket.. which is a pretty boring answer, i guess! but this one was double-big, because i doubled the size from the written pattern. plus, it was knitted with two strands of yarn at once, and i did it during the summer… that was one hot summer!

    love the gnome!

  113. I once knit a gigantic black and green sweater. It just grew and grew. I’ve also knit two Big Snowy Owls, and they need some jumbo company.

  114. The biggest thing I have knit is a pair of socks for a fellow who wears size 13 shoes!

    While they are not as big as blankets, it just seems like they took that kind of time!

  115. I’ve knit lots of afghans – I like to give them as wedding presents, because they’re meant to be snuggled in together. And I have a son who loves gnomes (and generally won’t let me knit anything for him, so this would be perfect!).

  116. The biggest amigurumi I’ve ever knit was a Ram who is about a foot tall and a foot and a half long. He’s a heavy guy with over two packs of polyfill in him!

  117. The biggest thing that I had ever knitted was a 12 foot garnet and gold scarf. It is for my home team FSU. It was my very first project. I used up all the yarn between the scarf and the fringe. The main reason it was so long is my grandmother taught me to knit with this scarf. I got lots of practice with the garter stitch! I didnt know how to bind off so I kept going until I could get to her house again. Buy the time I got there she was shocked at the length and told me that it was long enough for Paul Bunion!

  118. My biggest project was a baby blanket made up of many squares each with their own design, sewn together and a knitted flower attached to it – I love it!

  119. The biggest thing I ever knit was an Aran sweater with lots and lots of cables and patterns. I knit it for myself but it ended up being way too big! More like outerwear! But I love it.

  120. the largest thing i have knit was a large cowl. i would love to try my hand on this gnome though. i think he would make the perfect friend for my grandson. i like that you can hide treasures in his beard. too cute. thank you for the giveaway.

  121. The biggest thing I’ve made was a knitted “log cabin” blanket for my daughter. I swear it was larger than her double sized bed!

  122. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a cabled cardigan for my mother. I’d had just over a year of experience when I knitted it, and it made me feel really accomplished!

  123. The biggest thing I’ve knitted was the shrug that is a long rectangle folded in half and seamed halfway up each side. My first skill was crochet, and in college I started a granny square vest (that really dates me, doesn’t it!) that turned into an afghan that covered my full size bed.

  124. Like every good geek chick with sticks who cut her sci-fi teeth on the Tom Baker Doctor, I foolishly started a Doctor Who scarf. It’s the garter stitch project that never ends.

    Size-wise, I doubt I’ll win any epic-knit-offs, but it FEELS like it’s about 1,000 miles worth of the most mundane knitting ever known to knitter kind. It’ll be worth it when I’m done. Until it comes time to weave in all those ends, that is. ._.

  125. I’ve done quite a few afghans, the biggest one’s probably the modular knit from sock yarn that drapes over the sides of our queen waterbed. Unless you count The Christmas Project, where I spent most of a year knitting three different 5′ x 7′ afghans for my kids for Christmas (a log cabin, another modular, and a tesselated fish design).

  126. The largest thing I’ve ever knitted was a Girasole shawl; it was about as large as a typical round tablecloth.

  127. I made a large afghan/blanket for my brother one Christmas, using two strands of worsted-weight yarn, doubled. It went really fast but the thing was quite heavy when it was done!

  128. this is such an adorable gnome by the way! my nephew would love him.

    anyway, the biggest thing i’ve ever knit was a jumbo puff (footstool) knit with 3 strands of super bulky wool on size US 19 needles!!! my wrists were aching by the time i got to the end but it was well worth the pain and effort.

  129. The biggest thing I have ever knit wasn’t terribly big but I am still immensely proud of it. It was Knitting At Knoon’s Tembo the Elephant plush. I only make toys so they tend to be about medium size. Tembo was the first big knitting project I ever tackled and I am so proud of him. He is missing one of his hind legs (I ran out of yarn) but he is still as lovable as can be. He sits on my bookcase, cheering me on when I knit other projects.

  130. A purple elf (or gnome) hat on size 13 needles. I gave it to my 3 year old niece and I’m working on a matching one for her baby sister.

  131. My biggest thing is a washcloth. I’m really into knitting small things!! I love mochimochi!!

  132. The biggest thing is ever knitted was a jumbo chameleon. I thought I’d use my increasing and decreasing skills (learnt by knitting Mochi Mochi!) and improvise a chameleon. It ended up being a 2 foot long monstrosity of psychedelic sari silk that I actually had to roll up and use half of it as stuffing to make it decent! Oh well!

  133. a big knit jacket/sweater in fisherman’s wool. Love the chunky yarns for quick gifts, though.

  134. Like so many others, a blanket. LOVE the gnome, though and would enjoy making him with free yarn!

  135. I knit several blankets for the holidays one year, but I used size 50 needles so it went pretty quickly. Is that cheating?

  136. Love that Gnome! Awesome! Biggest thing I’ve ever knit was probably a sweater for my husband. It’s huge and heavy!

  137. the biggest thing/project I’ve done is Noah’s Ark, which includes almost 2 dozen animal pairs. The animals aren’t large but the Ark itself is pretty big, large enough to hold all the animals inside.

  138. The biggest thing I’ve ever knitted was a baby blanket for a coworker that was a bunch of washcloth patterns I modified to go together. I haven’t knit many big things. Crocheted, yes, but not knitting. Haha.

  139. The biggest thing I’ve knitted is a year long block of the month club block @ my LYS, all 12 & put tog. Now I’m working on my next biggest which is the Lizzard Ridge, 26 blocks of Noro Kueryon, I’m 1/2 way there.

  140. I love the jumbo gnome! I frequently knit shawls, anything bigger and I get bored long before I finish.

  141. The biggest thing I have ever knit is a blanket. But the biggest project was when I had to knit 6 identical shrugs for my sister’s wedding.
    That gnome is adorable.

  142. I’ve knit yarn bomb panels that ended up in larger installations (around large trees, etc) and a couple large blankets, but the large item I use most is the giant felted bag that currently houses WIP’s in the corner of my living room. Before felting my husband joked that I was making a hockey bag and my then 6yo could have easily fit inside of it along with all of her hockey gear, a change of clothes, snacks for the team, and Dad’s skates, gloves and helmet too.

  143. The biggest thing I ever knit was this huge 6- foot long triangle I wanted it to be a blanket (this was last year) but it was too full of holes to work! I made it into a loooooooong drooping hat (unfortunatly, I threw it away earlier this year. Don’t have pictures.)

  144. The jumbo gnome is so cute!! I mostly knit toys, so the biggest toys I’ve knit is a gingerbread house. I’m also working on a scrap blanket, but it’s still under construction!

  145. The bigget thing I ever knit was an afghan that fit a California King bed. It was a monster :)

  146. My biggest project was a color work sweater for me in sport weight. I tend to go for quick one- skein projects!

  147. I knit a reversible cable blanket. I think it was called Cables Going and Coming. I knit it out of super bulky and it weighed over 5 pounds!

  148. Like so many, the biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a blanket – it was a lap blanket that was knit on cirular needles and it still keeps me warm.


  149. Biggest item was a couch cover. It was not very pretty! Somehow it got lost in a move ;-)

  150. The biggest thing I have knit was a new cover to a bean bag chair. I was disgusted with the fabric and can’t sew to save my life (I use hot glue!) so I knit a cover. It was fun.

  151. The biggest thing I knit was a blanket that covered a queen size bed. We called it my “unemployment blanket” since it kept me sane when I had gotten laid off, and it was my first knitting project. It may have gotten bigger if I hadn’t been stopped.

  152. The largest thing I ever knit was a panda that measured 20 in. tall. It was so much fun and I loved seeing the new owner’s face when I gave it to him!

  153. The biggest thing I’ve knitted is probably the Bridgewater Shawl by BrookylnTweed. Its a giant square shawl that I actually recently gave away after realizing I would never use it.

  154. I made an afghan for my daughter that took on a life of its owl. She was 13 at the time and the blanket was 6’x 5′

  155. The biggest thing I ever knit was an afghan. Now most of my knitting is doll size or miniature!

  156. The biggest thing I knit was a sweater for my 6 foot 6 inches tall husband. It is itchy and he never wears it!

  157. I’m new to knitting, so the biggest items I have knitted are a scarf and place-mats. This weekend I hope to CO for my first cardigan :O).

  158. Just completed a twin sized afghan. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, then a Valentine’s present…hoping to get it to Mom by Mother’s Day!

  159. Believe it or not, the biggest thing I’ve ever knit is a gnome! It is huge, about the same size as this one. Made as a present for my in-laws. They love it, and it has its own chair :)

  160. Thanks for the chance to win – I love the pattern!! The biggest thing I ever knitted was a giant blanket – big enough to cover a double bed!!!

  161. Sure, I’ve knitted afghans before, but I think the BIGGEST thing I’ve knitted was a poncho for my daughter…which promptly fell over her shoulders and to the ground. It was just a bit big!

  162. Your new gnome is wonderful! I’d love to win the biggo yarn. The biggest thing I’ve knitted so far is a blanket. :)

  163. The biggest thing I ever knit was a huge striped blanket for a friends son. He loves it still.

    I love this giant gnome!

  164. Does it have to be finished??

    I’ve done a couple of baby blankets, but I am currently working on a gigantic afghan out of superwash wool. I figure it’ll take me about 8 months to finish it.

  165. I knitted a King Size comforter for my friend’s bed as a wedding gift. Talk about taking a long time! LOL And it wasn’t just a plain old stockinette or garter stitch blanket. It was cabled!!! LOL But it turned out BEAUTIFUL and it’s the biggest project I’ve done and I haven’t attempted anything that big since :) But OMG that Gnome is FREAKIN’ ADORABLE and I MUST knit it!!!! LOL

  166. The biggest thing I ever knit was my first knitting project ever – a simple garter stitch blanket in bulky weight. It took 2.5 years to complete because it was sooooooooooooo boring to knit, but now we have a warm, queen-sized blanket for the cold winter months. :)

  167. The biggest thing I have knit is, believe it or not, a ukulele case. It needed to be felted, but the original size bag was gigantic!

  168. I’m not much of a knitter of big, to be honest. The biggest thing I ever knit was the first sweater I ever did. It was for the “old me” who was size 3X at the time. Maybe knitting that sweater is what finally made me lose all that weight! Now I only have to knit size L sweaters!

  169. My biggest project so far is a baby blanket…I’ve stuck with hats and mittens for now!

  170. Last Christmas I knit two huge Hemlock Ring blankets (Jared Flood) for my two sets of grandparents. I also did a Tree of Life afghan (Nicky Epstein) as a wedding gift for my cousin. Someday maybe I’ll get to knit a blanket for myself! My four year old and I LOVE the Jumbo Gnome!!!

  171. It was probably the sweater I made for myself or the baby blanket I made years ago. I think that those are probably the most popular answers

  172. So far it’s been a Norwegian colorwork sweater for my mom, but I’ll finish that afghan one day! …I think. :^)

  173. Wimpy compared to others, but I’m currently working on my biggest thing, a monster bag that hopefully will felt down to a managable size, or else I’ll have a messenger bag the size of a small suitcase.

  174. A double-bed-size blanket in garter stitch (Log Cabin Moderne). Miles and miles of garter.

  175. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a 6’x6′ center out blanket for my Dad. It was striped grey and orange and covered most of a double bed.

    It was squished up on the needles so long that I had no idea who big it actually was until it was finished!

  176. Officially, the biggest thing I ever knit was an afghan but it wasn’t as fun as Jumbo Gnome looks!!!

  177. i like knitting smaller things mainly but the biggest thing(s) ive knitted is captain jack and ianto dolls from torchwood :D they were the first things i knitted after having not knitted since i was a child they are about 18” tall :D

  178. Besides a (failed) first sweater and a star-shaped baby blanket, I also knit one of Donna Wilson’s creations (a big orange cat)

  179. I think the biggest thing is probably a man’s hooded pullover – especially if the lack of knitting interest and ultimate wearability are a factor. (both zero, but learned to make sure and buy enough yarn!) next biggest was probably an afghan, and then a swing cardigan for myself. :) both of which we still actually use! :) I think a big gnome would be WAY more fun than either of those though :)

  180. I am notorious for knitting small things because I have a short attention span. However I have recently “expanded” my knitting horizons to include a doggy sweater and baby clothes, and hope to start on my first “grown-up” sweater soon!

  181. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a rectangular toy about a foot tall that I am going to add arms and legs to but haven’t yet.

  182. i love him! particularly the sweater.

    the largest thing i’ve ever knit was a blanket but this was a group project so it may not count. the second largest thing was a boxy sweater i made for a friend before i really understood how to make them fit. she loves it but it only fit her during her pregnancy.

  183. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a gorgeous afghan for my mother. It was average afghan size, but it was my biggest project because I made it throughout my junior and senior years of college and it meant so much to my mother when I finally finished it!

  184. I love that gnome! The biggest thing I have made is a crochet ripple blanket for my new baby boy. I like it so much I made a matching one for my new baby niece!

  185. The biggest thing I’ve knitted is a sweater with a simple lace pattern that used Lett-Lopi purchased by my parents while they were in Iceland.

    The gnome is adorable!

  186. A beanbag (from and the eleventh hour blanket from The Purl Bee. Both easy and with huge needles but SO BIG!

  187. The biggest thing I have ever knit is a blanket and it was made with Knit Picks Biggo yarn… I LOVE that yarn! The gnome is adorable!

  188. Baby blanket or the sweater I knit for myself that kept growing…. it complete when i realized all the pieces were way too big.

  189. The biggest thing I ever knit was a baby blanket. Not sure I could handle an adult sized blanket!

  190. The biggest thing I’ve knit is Hugo, a huge monster out of Thick and Quick (no clue how to link to my project page, but I’m katbetty on Rav). I love love love the big gnome!

  191. That secret beard-pocket (pocket-beard?) is brilliant!

    The biggest thing I ever knitted is also first thing I ever knitted—a stripey scarf. It was 10 inches wide, 8 feet long, and seemed like a good idea at the time.

  192. Largest thing I ever knit was probably a charity blanket. I held 2 worsted strands tog and used a 13 needle. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I had decided to knit it not during July.

  193. The largest yarny thing I’ve made is a blanket. Would love a chance to use biggo yarn!

  194. The biggest thing I’ve knit is a blanket for a king size bed. Now we use it on our couch to snuggle under.

  195. The biggest thing I ever knit was a Moderne Log Cabin afghan. It was knit in DK weight yarn using 31 skeins and took me four months to complete. I <3 Knit Picks yarn, so a prize of Biggo would totally rock! I also definitely plan to knit this jumbo gnome!

  196. The biggest thing I ever knit was a sweater. I haven’t yet knit a blanket, or a jumbo gnome either.

  197. The biggest thing I ever knit was a sampler afghan. It was 15″ squares, each with a different pattern. It was the most fun – just when I was getting tired of the pattern, I was done with that one and on to the next. I did it more than 30 years ago, and it still looks great on my full size bed.

    LOVE the big daddy-size gnome to take care of all the baby-size ones!

  198. An 8 foot long garter stitch scarf that stretched and stretched and stretched – in the finest Acrylic of course.

  199. A baby blanket is the largest thing I’ve made. I’d love to win this goodie package!

  200. An afghan for my mil with a pillow to match. I really need this yarn to knit this gnome for my grandson and granddaughter. Thanks for the contest.

  201. The biggest thing I ever knitted was a poncho using over a dozen different yarns and ribbons. I so want this!!

  202. The biggest thing Ive ever knit was a huge oversized Tree Skirt for Christmas. I started it in August a few years ago and finished it that Christmas eve at 9 PM lol

  203. The biggest thing I’ve knit was a teddy bear, which wasn’t actually very big; I just like to make a lot of tiny things! :)

  204. I have knit a couple of sweaters that could double as those blankets with sleeves. Unintentionally, of course. One of these days I’ll learn the secret art of gauge-swatching and then I’ll start knitting sweaters that fit people, not elephants.

  205. I have 2 (that stick out) of large things. One was a bumblebee striped stocking cap for a boyfriend that went down to his toes (he was almost 6 feet tall). The other was a 4 ft tall (life size?) pink flamingo.

  206. Biggest thing I ever knit was Girasole …a pattern by Jared flood …it was amazing and beautiful! That was the first project I blocked myself and it made a gorgeous circular shawl!

  207. I once knit a scarf that was about 1 foot wide and somewhere between 6 and 8 feet long (I was trying to use up some old chunky black yarn, so I just knit until I ran out).

  208. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was an afghan for a friend’s wedding gift. I wanted her to be able to share it with her husband for couch cuddles, so I doubled the width. They could be sitting on opposite sides of the couch and still share that blanket!

  209. The biggest thing I ever knit was a sweater, but I can’t wear it! Note to self: don’t use a yarn that sets big fuzzballs adrift in the air wherever it goes. Because of this I’ve always been too embarrassed to wear it. Oh well, I will choose a smoother yarn next time! :)

    Other than that: a giant pink elephant. It stands 20 inches tall!

  210. The biggest thing I knitted was the shyscrapers in”Knitting Mochimochi” lol I’m a beginner knitter!

  211. I knit the Susie Hoodie, a knee length hooded jacket. I loved it, it took me forever to knit though!

  212. The largest thing I have knit was a lace shawl. The worst part was having to start over after the cat yanked it off the needles when I was more than half done!!

  213. The biggest thing i ever made was a shawl i made with my united way knitting group, i gave out 15 shawls to my oncology dept. i have to say that was a day to remember. since i too have cancer. i new their hurts and needs.

  214. The biggest thing I ever knitted was a sweater with sleeves so baggy it looks like the person wearing it has wings. What an adorable gnome. I’m making the mini one from mochimomochimo.

  215. The biggest thing I’ve *completed* is a half-moon lace rug knit froman up-cycled queen-size sheet. Needless to say, my hands hurt when it was done, but I was so proud to make something beautiful from a tossed sheet :) you can see it on my flickr account: snickerdoodleloves :)

  216. The largest item I have knit would either be my hubby’s sweater or the 2 ft fun fur monkey I made him.

    If it was crochet, it would be the king sized afghan that I made.

  217. A big, UGLY, brown-tan-and-oh-yes-maroon, striped, acrylic afghan with loose gauge all shoved onto 14″ metal needles in college for a boyfriend, complete with matching child-sized matching afghan because I had too much yarn. The boyfriend now lives with me as my husband and refuses to discard that thing. I wish I had a better “biggest knit item,” but there it is.

  218. The biggest thing I knit was a felted flamingo…probably 18+ inches, not including legs!

  219. The biggest thing I have knitted as an afghan. Each square was a different pattern. Crochet the edges of each square and then sewn together. It was given to a needy elderly person in assisted living.

  220. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a small rug made out of purple fun fur yarn; it’s now the stylish scarf for Lewis the dragon, one of the stuffed animals I’ve made. He thinks it’s very fuzzy. =)

  221. The biggest(although it is not that big) thing I knitted was a simple easy peasy hat for myself! I just started knitting so yeah… X)

  222. The biggest thing I ever knitted was a pink elephant pillow. It took me a superdy duperdy long time to make.

  223. The biggest thing I have knitted is an elaborately cable afghan. It was fun to stitch, though.

  224. I am relatively new into knitting, so have not done any big projects. I just finished knitting 6 mini gnomes for my niece who is 10 and gnome crazy!! I am a crocheter and have made a sweater and cracheted some animals for baby gifts and baby blankets. The best thing I crocheted was a lilac coloured lap aphgan for my Grandma, she used it whenever she was sitting down. Thank you for all the great patterns and neat ideas.

  225. Biggest thing I’ve ever knit is definitely the blanket I knit for my husband – it’s Schoolhouse Press Sheepsdown yarn, which is like pencil roving, and it’s an old Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. We both love it, but it’s HUGE!

  226. That’s a great pattern and giveaway! The biggest thing I’ve knit is an adult sheep costume, which included a body vest (dress length) and hat with ears. You can see it on ravelry; my username is shmangela.

  227. Great question! I knit a cabled vest for my husband – but that was still only about 900 yards. I guess I haven’t had an epic knit yet :)

  228. The largest thing I knitted was a rabbit from First Knits. But I used eye searing pink ombre, in a heavy worsted. It finished up being larger than a cat! I was so proud of it & a friend actually asked for it!

  229. The biggest thing I have knit would have to be a scarf. I loose interest pretty quickly so I keep it to smaller projects that I can finish fairly quickly.

  230. The biggest thing I’ve ever knitted was finished yesterday. It’s a seven foot long scarf, which is made using double knitting (so is really like knitting 14 feet) using DK weight yarn and 3.5mm needles. It took me nearly 2 years to finish…

  231. The biggest thing I ever knit was a requested blanket by my sister that she never uses!

  232. This gnome is awesome!!!! I’m not patient enough to knit anything too big, but the biggest thing is a sweater for my 6’4 husband.

  233. The largest thing I ever knit was an afghan. It was Lion Brand’s “Artful Afghan” pattern. I was expecting it to come out to 5′ square, but the piece turned out about 4′ square, which I felt was way too small. So I made the decision to buy more yarn and make three more squares. I think this all went down in the summer of 2004.

    The resulting afghan is really, really huge (it’s roughly 8 feet square!) and the heaviest thing ever. I really need to take pictures of it for my project page at some point.

  234. The largest thing I’ve ever knitted was a hooded scarf. I guess that’s pretty lame! :))

  235. Probably the queen-sized afghan that is now in a plastic box taking up space in my closet. Sadly, it was made a long time ago, when I only judged a yarn by its price. I used budget yarn and it isn’t too comfy…

  236. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit and finished was the Swallowtail shawl. I wear it a lot!

    The biggest thing I’ve knit and not finished is an afghan.

  237. I’m pretty new to knitting. The biggest thing I’ve knit (so far) is a purse that hasn’t been seamed up yet.

  238. I haven’t tackled anything particularly big yet. I think it’s a tie between a small lap blanket and a shawl for me!

  239. I think the biggest thing I have ever knit was a blanket. I let my son pick out the colors and to say they clash would be an understatement. I almost went blind knitting the thing.

  240. Knits? I don’t think anything bigger than a scarf! I’ve crocheted an afghan, though! I would looooove to attempt to Knit something huge!

  241. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was your UFO pattern from Knitting Mochimochi! I used seriously, like, 5 strands of worsted held together so it became rope. He’s about as big as my TV and now hangs in the corner of my room. I was pretty impressed with myself.

  242. “Cables After Whiskey” sweater, largest size for myself. My husband still raves about it when I wear it.

  243. I actually knitted a real hammock once. It was fantastic. I gave it to my dad as a Father’s Day present one year.

  244. The biggest thing I have knitted was a baby blanket composed of 100 separate knitted fish.

  245. The biggest thing I knitted was…… Hmm… either a baby sweater, scarf, or the confused moose pattern from Knitting Mochimochi. I can’t remember which was bigger.

  246. I knitted a dalek that was about 20 inches.

    But I also knitted a pretty big blanket for my baby cousin that took three and a half months!

    Its either that or a sweater I knit but realized after I had finished it that Lion Brand Homespun Boucle was not considered worsted weight. The bell sleeves are enormous!

  247. Jumbo Gnome rox! I love his secret pocket beard. :)

    I recently knitted a dinosaur for a friend’s son. I neglected to read the dimensions on the pattern, so I was surprised when the first part I knitted, the bottom of the foot, was about 8″ long. I had expected this toy to be about 12″ high altogether. I forged ahead, and it took a long time to knit the many pieces of this T-Rex, and even longer to stitch it all together. In the end, this adorable toy was more than 2 feet tall. It’s very cute and nicely huggable for a little boy.

  248. The biggest thing I have ever knit so far is a sweater. On to bigger, better and more.

  249. I am not a knitter (yet!) but if I did knit, I think I would make a giant naked mole rat :D They are pretty awesome critters and I think they are just adorable.

  250. A sweater for my husband was the biggest thing I ever knitted. But by the time I finished it he’d gained so much weight it didn’t fit.

  251. The biggest thing I ever knit was a poncho. By the time I finished it they were not really in style anymore and I wore the giant thing once!

  252. This gnome is too cute!!! The biggest thing I ever knit was not that big. It was a sweater for my boyfriend, who is normal human size. But one day I want to knit a life-size giant squid :P

  253. Well I’m still working on it off and on, my first sweater thats really oversized and using fine yarn and it’s taking absolutely forever and I can’t decide if I should rip it all out or keep going, so I do a little on it here and there. I like smaller projects best, but want to make the Jumbo gnome! Thanks!

  254. I can’t wait to knit a few of these so I can chill with my gnomies. The largest thing I’ve knit is a blanket however the largest thing I’ve knit to completion is an intricate cabled sweater.

  255. I don’t make baby blankets, I make baby afghans… I make them HUGE and they get used through grade school and beyond, with twin or full sized beds! <3

  256. The biggest thing is a either a man’s sweater or a very long shawl. I did knit the Bob with super bulky yarn.

  257. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit is a blanket with bulky yarn held double, giant and fantastic.

  258. The BIGGEST thing I have ever knitted was a double sized cable afghan. The cables made it scrunch up but also made it super stretchy so it had a size illusion going for it: easy to store but stretchy for two people to be warm and cuddly. I made it for my loving parents.

  259. I used to knit sweaters for my husband (not a small man) in sport weight yarn all the time. Then we had kids…

  260. The biggest thing I have knit to date is a cabled long jacket.. took me 6 months, and its too hot to wear it where I live, but I love it.

  261. YAY!!!!!!!! Jumbo Gnome has finally arrived!

    The biggest thing I’ve ever finished was the front and back pieces of a giant cabled sweater worn by a stuffed ice skating lion.

    The biggest on going project is an afghan that seems to have no end in sight….

  262. the biggest thing I have knitted is a toss up between a puff stool that I made out of recycled felted sweaters and one of my first installation pieces of a giant amiba-ish shape.

  263. The biggest thing I’ve knit was an afghan for my king-sized bed. It hung down 10″ around the whole thing when I was done!! I wanted to be able to cuddle with it.

  264. Love him!!

    The biggest thing I’ve ever crocheted (does crocheting count?) is a 13 inch amigurumi bird. The pattern was originally for an ornament, but I pretty much doubled the pattern.

  265. I love your gnome,way cool! Th e biggest thing I’ve knitted was a baby blanket and the biggest toy was a owl.

  266. A Jean Greenhouse clown. He was for my son as a welcome to the world gift. He was night timed themed and had a clock, toothe brush and a candle on his head. He was so much work. But amazing non the less.

  267. The biggest thing I’ve knit is a blanket using eight skeins of Lion Homespun D:
    The biggest thing I’m actually proud of is a 6 foot by eighteen inch lace weight stole, that smells like gardenias and I just wore to the theater for the first time, tonight :D
    Gnome is SO CUTE! <3<3<3

  268. I adore your gnome. He is so very cute!

    And like a lot of people the biggest thing I have knit is a blanket with a cable pattern. I prefer toys and smaller items though.

  269. The biggest thing I have knit is a King size bed cover, made out of 2″ bias squares… and thousands of yards of Fingering weight yarn…

  270. the biggest thing i’ve knitted is a scarf. BUT! the biggest thing i’ve crocheted is a minion (from despicable me). He’s about a foot tall.

  271. The biggest thing I’ve knitted is a felted bag. I crocheted a blanket for my son’s bed which is pretty decent sized, but I’m on a mochimochi kick right now!

  272. After knitting a family of Tiny Dinosaurs (Dino and Dini) and a galaxy of Tiny Saturns, I knit a sock also on size 0 needles. The whole way through the project, I kept thinking how many Tiny Saturns I would have already finished! Now, I just have to make the other sock so I can have a matching pair :)

  273. The biggest thing I’ve ever knitted is the blanket for a queen sized bed I am currently knitting for my son. Before that, it would be a stole done in entrelac, a fun knit!

  274. the biggest thing that i’ve knit was a shawl for my mom, she really want it and took me just two weeks finished, it was like 2 metres long and 80 cm, with 3.5 mm needles, so many details, but its a beautiful shawl.

  275. The Biggest thing I’ve made was actually crocheted and it was a Giant Squid. I call him Mr Big and he periodically travels around in trunk of my car, his body is almost 4 feet long and the tentacles are an additional 6 feet. lets just say i was a little crazy and really bored.

  276. The biggest thing I ever knitted was a bulky weight sweater coat in off-white. I made it while waiting to be called for jury duty and what was remarkable was that I actually finished it! Sewing all the parts usually stops me dead in the tracks but I managed to sew even the buttons and finish the belt. We had a lot of time in those days waiting to be called for the interdictions by the lawyers.

  277. The biggest thing I knitted was a hat for my mom. It wasn’t *supposed* to be the biggest thing .. but I was a new knitter and not so well acquainted with gauge. It ended up at least five sizes too big to be a hat.

  278. I’m not sure how to define “big”. If we’re talking area, it would be a shawl, but it was out of very light yarn, so it weighed very little. If we’re talking weight/bulk, it would be a baby blanket I knit out of worsted-weight cotton. It was SO heavy that my hands ached most of the time I was working on it. It was DEFINITELY a labor of love!

  279. The biggest thing I’ve made is my giant crochet blanket of DOOOM. It’s made of 220 6” square blocks and took me about a year to finish. It can be seen in all its glory on my Ravelry page (Queenfraggle69). It was also one of the first things I ever knitted/ crocheted :) definatly one of those family heirloom type things!

  280. The biggest thing I’ve knitted (besides my 9 foot rainbow scarf) is a fish-afghan. It’s knit of 49 individual fish, and then crocheted together. Then I picked up a border to knit. It’s roughly 5 feet by 3 feet.

  281. The biggest thing is definitely the enormous Mimosa shawl, with its hundreds of beads. Amazingly, it was one of my first projects!

  282. The biggest thing I have ever knitted was a 1 1/2′ long stuffed alligator plushie that could fit a book into its mouth.

  283. the biggist thing I’ve knit is part of a sweater (I’m not done yet, but then I only started it in January and I’m farther along then I thought I would be).

  284. The biggest thing I ever knitted was a truly epic scarf, I used all the old ends of skeins to build on it and it documented my learning curve for knitting. At its widest it was about 40cm (I had learned different methods for increasing) and at its least it was 10cm (sadly dropped stitches when I was still learning rather than decreasing). It was quite possibly the most fugly thing you have ever seen.

    I started it at the tender age of 6 and carried on until I was 15 and I am utterly gutted I don’t have a photo to share and demonstrate its mighty 3.92m length! Bizarrely it was used to rescue my cat when she fell down an ornamental well, it provided the puuurfect ladder for her to claw up and afterwards it was so torn up and grubby I threw it away :( True story, ask my dad! x

  285. A KNITTED POUF!!! yes! that’s the biggest thing I have ever done! It is nice and round, comfy, soft and…. it has been stolen from my sister who decided that it would look a lot better in her house… :( well I guess now i will need to knit another POUF bigger than the last one… and i think that JUMBO GMONE will be his friend and they will live happily ever after in my living room… :)

  286. hmmm, i’ve knit many more teensy things than big things. but i did knit a (baby) blanket and an extra large sweater.

    Love the massive gnome!!! he’s awesome, in more ways than one! well done!

  287. The biggest thing I ever knitted so far was Hugs from Hugs and Squoze. I know he is not huuuge but compared to all the teeny tiny mochis hanging around in all corners in my apartment, he is pretty huge (not mentioning all the mochis that fit into his huge arms!) !! love the gnome!

  288. Oh, the Jumbo Gnome is adorable… My 11-month-old gets a kick out of stuffed animals that are almost as big as she is (not difficult, since she’s tiny), so this is definitely getting queued. The largest item I’ve ever knit was a queen-sized mitered square blanket.

  289. The largest thing I’ve knit was an afghan. The largest non-afghan knit item is a polar bear that ate a bag of stuffing.

  290. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit is what I’m working on now: Knitty’s Op Art blanket in worsted weight — I’m at the part where each row is 500+ stitches and takes a half hour! I would realllly love to knit the big gnome. I’ve made a bunch of the tiny ones and they were a lot of fun.

  291. The biggest intentional thing I’ve done was the Op Art blanket from knitty but in DK. Each round was taking about an hour by the end.

    But the biggest thing I’ve ever knit, unintentionally, was a debblie bliss cardigan. One of the first garments I tried to make – I got the sizing wrong, so its too big even for my dad. I used a bad substitution of yarn too, because I didn’t realise there’d be a difference in the english pattern and the charity shop (i think american) yarn. It’s so big that I plan to take off the sleeves, open them out and sew them to the body to make a bedspread. Yep, that big. Don’t know why I dodn’t notice at the time! :(

  292. The biggest stuffed thing I’ve knit is the pony from XRX “Kids Kids Kids”. I couldn’t find a photo on Ravelry and my pony is in storage right now. Here is the amazon link to the book and if you search for pony, you can see how big this thing is.

    The biggest lace thing I’ve knit is a bedspread.

  293. Finished just this year, my biggest project so far is a sweater for myself, knit with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes. Not only is it my largest project, but is the first garment I’ve knit for anyone older than 12 months. A very satisfying experience!

  294. The biggest thing I’ve knit is the Lion Brand Country afghan. It’s twin size and I loved every minute of knitting it, so much that I’m doing another for my nephew right now. Love the giant gnome. Will definitely have to knit this up!

  295. I am not a knitter of big things, but I did make a blanket for my grandson’s sister when he was born to welcome her into our family. I do knit gnome-y things for another son since he collects them. Like other posters, I am a huge fan of bully yarn!

  296. the largest project was an afgan for my Mom & Dad……….it ended up being more of a blanket! LOL!

  297. Biggest thing I’ve ever finished was an entrelac shawl for my mom that clocked in at 32″ x 60″. That’s a whopping 1900 square inches in lace weight!!

  298. The biggest thing I ever knit was four, 6″ x 14′ scarves for costumes for a movie. That wouldn’t have been a big deal, but the costumer came to me on Saturday and wanted them by Wednesday. I finished them Tuesday night and then sobbed when he took them away to “make them look shabby” by dipping them in oil and coffee and running them over with his car.

  299. The biggest thing I’ve knitted aside from a blanket is a friendly monster that I came up with for my friend’s son, which is just about 18″ tall. However, I think Klaus the monster now belongs to my friend instead.

  300. The biggest think I’ve ever knit was an Afghan for a king sized bed. It was a commission, and I was paid half up front. The person it was for bailed when I finished it, so I still have it sitting with my craft show inventory, in hopes of one day selling it.
    My email address is nicole at knitnicoleknit dot com
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  301. I only know how to knit scarfs & hats, so the biggest would be scarfs. How do you knit a bed size blanket? Do they make needles that big? :) I guess I have a lot to learn!

  302. It was my very first knitting project…A kingsized bed afghan made with chunky yarn and size 13 needles. It’s a wonder I stayed with knitting! LOL LOve the Gnome!
    KnitAweigh- Ravelry

  303. The biggest think I’ve ever knit was Brooklyn Tweed’s Girasole blanket for a friend as a wedding gift. Trying to get the motivation up to make one for myself, but it’s hard to have that much wool on your lap going into the summer :)

  304. The biggest thing i’ve knit is a baby blanket…doesn’t sound very big, but after knitting nothing but toys, it’s HUGE!

  305. The biggest thing I’ve knit is an afghan for my daughter to take to college. It is a true masterpiece, and I look forward to doing another for my son next year!

  306. The biggest thing huh? well I have only been interested in knitting and crocheting toys and the biggest one I’ve crochet (was actually my first as well) – it was a Robot from the petite purls…and my biggest knitted toy…a monster by Rebecca Danger. Though I have just bought some Awesome chunky that I plan to knit a huge octopus with!!

  307. the biggest thing I’ve knitted is a blanket but the biggest TOY I’ve knitted was the prototype for Smunkgee Bean, my 2’6″ tall Sock Monkey. You can find him on Rav under the name Smungkee.
    Jumbo Gnome and Smungkee would get along well so I’d love to win!

  308. So far the biggest thing I have knit is the Evenstar I’m working on in 8ply crochet thread. I don’t know if they will count but I have crocheted many toys and twin size blankets.
    I ln-ove the gnome though.

  309. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a hat that was knit without any kind of gauge…..It’s waaay too huge!

  310. The biggest thing I ever knit wasn’t very big ! It was a reallllllllyyyyy long scarf. 8 feet. But the prettiest rainbow colors.

  311. The biggest thing I’ve ever knitted was Nicky Epstein’s Gala Aran. Unfortunately, it’s too big for me… :( I’m planning on ripping it and knitting it on significantly smaller needles. But my favorite things to knit are mochimochis! They’re always such a joy! :D

  312. I think my sister’s afghan is the biggest knit I’ve made. It can fit a queen sized bed. Unfortunately it still needs a border and I cannot seem to force myself to finish it!

  313. I knitted a very big caterpillar for my friend’s newborn son. The caterpillar turned out to be almost twice as long as the baby; it also weighed more than he did!

  314. The biggest item I have knit was a Moderne Log Cabin blanket on the biggest car trip I have ever taken.

  315. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit were large stockings for my two kids. I think a giant gnome peeking out on Christmas morning would be awesome!
    Better start now….

  316. Okay. I admit, I hate big projects. The biggest thing I ever knit was probably a really cute monster of my own design,measuring 11″ by 6.5″ I know, really kinda small. He’s really awesome!

    I’ve started larger monsters, but not completed…

    My mom is a different matter. She is a crocheter, but dabbled in knitting last Christmas. She made a 20 foot long doctor who scarf for my brother. Iffy about length, but lets say it loops twice around a 6′ tall teenager’s neck and still touches the floor!

    (Anna: Are you randomly selecting an entry, or what? I’d love to know!)

    <B Molly

  317. The biggest thing on purpose was a Lopi sweater. The biggest by accident was a feather and fan shawl. I didn’t check gauge and just cast it on the whole long edge. It must be eight feet long.

  318. The biggest thing I knit was probably a shrug in Lion thick and quick that I saw on the cover of my mom’s magazine and knit over a weekend. Turns out there were errors in the pattern (corrections came out in the next issue) so it fit funny and I ended up donating it to Goodwill. The biggest things I knit and kept were a felted hedgehog made from Lamb’s Pride with eyelash yarn quills and a huge yellow cotton duck with bright orange feet and beak. They are quirky throw pillows on my bed.

  319. My biggest knit was a afghan for my in laws 40th wedding anniversary. I knit 9 12×12 blocks and sewed them together. The result was a huge, warm and snuggly blankie perfect for couch time. My in laws were very appreciative as well! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!! :)

  320. My biggest crafted item was a Tunisian Mitered Throw knit in James C. Brett Marble Chunky as a gift for my son. I even made the afghan longer than the pattern dimensions by adding an extra row of blocks. But that was Tunisian crochet, come to think of it. My biggest knitted item was my Gray Lace Wrap, a rectangle 22 by 80 inches.

  321. Oh, how fun would that be?!!! My biggest challenge in my mind was my first pair of socks: knee-high ski socks for my shoe size US9 husband. I figured socks were socks, so what was some more leg… Oh my, did I learn!

  322. The biggest thing i have knitted was a scarf and also my very first knitted project! I just learnt knitting from my mum then and it took me 3 years to complete knitting (and unpicking, because i made many mistakes along the way) it as i would knit a bit then stash it away in a corner of my wardrobe and take it out again to knit during the holidays and as and when i felt inspired. it was a lovely two tone pink and turquoise blue and after that i told myself i would never knit another item that large again! (i would totally break that vow if i won the wool for the jumbo gnome though! haha!)

    thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  323. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit is a shawl, but I’m still a pretty new knitter. I predict many huge knits in my future. And many knitted gnomes. :)

  324. I love the jumbo Gnome! The largest thing I knit was a huge blanket for my husband who insisted the blanket cover him from head to under his toes!

  325. Oh, the biggest thing I’ve ever knit…probably a baby blanket…toys have all been small, but this guy…he needs to be big to squish & hug!

  326. Cool Beans! Oh, gosh, I think the last “big” thing I made was on size 25 circular needles way before carpal tunnel was created. Now that the memory has started to go, I really can’t remember which afghan or bedspread or sweater would qualify as being a “big” thing!!!!!!!

  327. I knit a blanket for my Nana. It was my first project that wasn’t a wash cloth. I had no idea what I was in for. It took me 3 years to finally finish it.

  328. Biggest think I knit was a kennel cover for my dogs kennel… it was complicated, because I needed pockets. So now I have a functional piece of puppy furniture and all of his stuff is in one spot.

  329. Hard to say, I think it was probably Umaro by Jared Flood that I knit up in Biggo yarn this winter for an x-mas gift. Added on three extra repeats each way, knit in 10 days of non-stop needle clicking.
    Bu tI also knit a giant abstract sculpture for an art show that probably comes in a close second.

  330. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a stole, measuring oh, 30 by 100″ or so. Extremely lightweight in a laceweight yarn, but by golly, that thing took 3 months to knit!

  331. the biggest thing i have knit was a poncho style wrap and it seemed to go on forever!

    i love the little nome he is great, i would love to hide one in my garden!

  332. The biggest thing I have ever knit was a scarf with Lion Brand Thick &Quick in raspberry. It was my first project ever and after it everything started getting smaller. First there was the bunny with worsted weight, then the sock weight, and then the tny elephant then the alien…

  333. The biggest thing I have ever knit was a sweater for me. However, I have lots of big things on my “to do” list.

  334. omg i love this guy!

    i’ve knit quite a few blankets. the biggest being a queen sized coverlet that i made for friends when they got married.

  335. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a sweater for myself – it ended up about two sizes too large. I’ve since learned to swatch.

  336. That little guy is adorable! I love the beardo pocket!
    The biggest thing I’ve ever knit may not be very big compared to blankets and sweaters, but I knit 90 feet of i-cord for a brain hat! It was a big accomplishment in the world of knitting too much i-cord. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway! and for being so adorable!

  337. The jumbo-est thing I’ve ever made was a squirrel, and that squirrel is now with my friend, whom I gave the squirrel to for her birthday. Weirdly, all of the squirrels I have knitted (2, to be exact) have been given to my friends. Second biggest: piggy with wiggy!!!

  338. The largest thing I ever knit? Not sure, but the longest thing I ever knit was a 9 foot long rainbow scarf.

  339. When I first knit something for myself (a poncho), I discovered that I am a very VERY loose knitter. That is still the biggest thing I ever knit…I also crochet loose, and my first crochet project ended up being a 10-foot long scarf (it was supposed to be 3 feet long…crocheted lengthwise)!

  340. I think the largest thing I ever knit was a baby blanket. Mind you I’d managed to knit a 4.5 x 6 ft baby blanket, or some crazy size like that. Because every baby needs a queen sized blanket. :)

  341. There are so many entries! I’ve never seen so many comments on one blog post here before.

  342. I think the largest thing I’ve knit is a scarf that a close friend commissioned me to make for him. It was a 2 meter long scarf, about 5 inches wide (About 40 stitches if I remember correctly), done in 1×1 rib. I usually get bored quickly with anything too big. X)

  343. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit is a blanket… and it is still in progress! I meant to have a good sized blanket for cuddling on the couch, but after modifying it, it turned out to be wider than a king sized bed.

    I might need to buy more yarn…

  344. I don’t think I’ve ever actually FINISHED anything that is terribly big, other than endless scarves and unfinished sweaters and blankets! hehe

  345. The gnome is so cute even being a giant! Pick me, pick me! My living room needs a giant gnome & I can knit it on study breaks from my college classes. Thank you, Knit Picks!

  346. The biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a blanket out of aluminum needles that my dad made for me at the machine tool shop where he worked. Dang, those things were weapons – a rounded point would have been really good. I wanted to knit a huge blanket made of four different colors and stitch them together with a fifth color. My handicapped son’s favorite blanket was the royal blue one. The project was too big too finish as I first conceived it.

  347. So the biggest thing I’ve ever knit was a slytherin Ron Weasley sweater I made this past winter. It was my first ever BIG project that has given me hope that I can make other large patterns other than small simple ones like amigurumi, scarves, etc.

  348. I knit a medium size Swirl in worsted and it came out HUGE! I want to travel the world with this gnome wearing my giant sweater!

  349. The biggest thing I have ever knit was a chunky cabled afghan. It was payment for Reiki training. That was the biggest thing physically. The biggest project (most time consuming and finicky) was Sheldon the turtle and his beach wear for my mom. That project has so many parts, ends to seam, and techniques to remember it was defiantly more work than the afghan! That being said, she takes Sheldon everywhere she goes to knit now. He has been to Michigan, Massachusetts, Disney World, Virginia, and Tennessee.

  350. Oh my stars!!! This guy is simply amazing!!! He so needs to come to my house and cuddle on the couch with me!!!!

    Thanks for all the great knitting friends!!!

  351. The biggest thing I ever knitted was a long scarf that everytime I thought I was done my girlfriend kept saying it wasn’t long enough. That scarf was the neverending project. I finally finished it last year, it was about ten feet long.

  352. The biggest thing I’ve ever was half a scarf. I ran out yarn in the middle of it, so I ripped it apart. The only way I would really enjoy a big project is if it’s a complicated one. I feel like a really lazy person compared to all the other people who left comments.

  353. The BIGGEST thing that I ever knit was a topper for a California King bed. This bed is actually the size of 2 twins. I was covered with it as I was working on it and so were my beloved cats!!

  354. I knitted a blanket last year as a wedding gift for my cousin and his bride. I’ve never met her (they’re on the other side of the country) but I was told she likes green, so I did a many-shades-of-green linen stitch throw about the size of a twin-sized duvet. I hope they like it; I never did hear anything from them about it, but his mother told me she did like it. This was one of several lessons to only knit for people who appreciate it!

  355. The biggest thing I ever knit was the Mitered Square blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I started it in late August for a baby due in April, and it took every knitting moment I could give it in those seven months to finish before my niece was born.

  356. The biggest thing I’ve knit is a scarf – seven sections in different colors and cable patterns.

  357. the biggest thing I ever knitted was a baby blanket. I am slowly working on larger sized blanket. I also prefer knitting smaller things like toys for my girls.

  358. The biggest thing I ever knit was a blanket for a Queen size bed for my DH while we were dating.

  359. I think the biggest thing I’ve knit is already my wedding shawl, which is still in progress. Cross your fingers for me; only three months left!

  360. My biggest knit was a blanket for my fiance. My biggest knitting commitment lasted from September to December of this past year. I vowed to make an afghan for each extended family member/couple who would join me for Christmas dinner. In addition, I decided to knit tiny snowmen and tiny Santas as Christmas tree ornaments for my fiance’s parents and grandparents. I made it, and I went through a bit of withdrawal after I finished. Luckily, we had a baby announcement at our party. You can guess what I’ve been doing since then!

  361. So far my biggest knit has been a sweater for myself, but I’m planning a baby blanket for our bubs-on-the-way (starting as soon as the yarn arrives!)

  362. My largest project is a rug. I purchased an eight pound bag of potholder loops. It took a couple of days to loop them all together into a continuous strip. I used size 50 needles. It’s heavy but so “squoosie”.

  363. I am still working on a Norah Vaughn sweater that is knit side to side…all 50+ inches.

  364. Hmm. My biggest finished project was a fish-blanket. You know, the kind where you knit individual fish and sew them together? It started as a blanket for the cat basket, and ended up being a good foot wider and longer than your average king size quilt.

    The cats do love it, but are constantly arguing with me that even though the blanket is on my bed, its knitted, therefore its there’s, and if that means I cant get into bed at night, well that’s my problem…

  365. I am fairly new to knitting so the biggest thing so far is a shrug but it was a really long piece folded in half.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  366. The biggest thing I ever knit was an afghan with a square-within-a-square pattern. I knit it in the bulkiest yarn I’ve ever used, and then I raffled it off for charity. It was so much fun to knit!

  367. The biggest project I’ve ever finished is the February Lady Sweater.

    I’m however currently knitting the biggest project I will soon finish (hopefully!) – a baby blanket for my first child, expected in July. I’m really enjoying knitting it and hope he will enjoy it for years to come!

  368. the biggest thing was a lace shawl; well it took for ever and had billion of stitches!!!!

  369. The biggest thing I ever knit was the Umaro blanket. It was knit with Wool of the Andes bulky, actually.

  370. The biggest thing was a baby blanket- I tried making my own design, and it turned out much larger than I thought it would.

  371. the largest item I knitted was a blanket as well. My sister picked out which colours of yarn I used and we gave the blanket to the cat. The cat loves the blanket :) The smallest item would be a knitted tiny flat fish, the cats have lost it somewhere in the house.

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