Bunnies Go Camping

It seemed fitting to follow up the Girl Scout pattern with this adorable scene from bunny camp, made by Kristen for our recent Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest!


The book of scary bunny stories and the roasting carrot are perfect touches. Adorable!

The bunny contest is over (see the winners here), but any photos of Mochimochi knits added to our Flickr group with automatically be entered in our big photo contest this fall.

6 thoughts on “Bunnies Go Camping

  1. That is so cute… i dont like marshmellows so I dont like camping… why god, why cant i like marshmellows!!!

  2. I completely thought those were tiny Bunniculas (bitey book + bunnies = bunnicula). Wouldn’t be that hard to make it so…and then to knit some tiny celery, stalking at midnight…

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