Easter Bunny Dyeing

Have you dyed your Tiny Baby Bunnies for Easter yet? btc989 shows us how!

You start with some white bunnies, and some cups with dye in them.


Dip a bunny by its tail…


Just do a half-dip if you want a multicolored bunny.


I bet this basket would be a bigger hit than jellybeans!


The knitter/photographer assures us that no bunnies were hurt or actually “dyed” in this process. Another great entry in our Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest!

Now we know how to dye our bunnies, but did you know that bunnies sometimes dye themselves? Driveshesaid shows us what can happen if they’re left unsupervised!



What a mess! So be sure you keep an eye on your bunnies—this week we’ve seen that left unchecked, they might play the lottery, build an empire, torture and kill marshmallow Peeps, or start a protest!

You can make your own Tiny Baby Bunnies from the free pattern! Share them in the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group. (The bunny contest is over, but all other photos will be automatically entered in our big contest in the fall.)

5 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Dyeing

  1. SO CUTE! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I tried to knit this guys (and others) but they were too small for my hands.

  2. OH! I really love this one, especially the final picture,
    why can’t it be the winner? It wins my heart :)

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