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John has a new website! And it isn’t just any website, it’s new partner site of The A.V. Club, where I’m sure many of you read about movies, TV, and other pop culture stuff. My husband’s new project, called The Gameological Society, is dedicated to intelligent and fun discussion about games—mostly video games, but also board games, game shows, and sports. The idea is that games are a part of all of our lives, and thinking about them shouldn’t just be for the guys who think of themselves as “hard core” gamers.

I know there’s a huge overlap between knitters and gamers, so I hope many of you will check it out! (And that cute pic of Soupy on a laptop that you see if you scroll down a bit on the homepage? That’s my cat and I took that photo!)

What’s your favorite game these days? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I’ll start!

    I’ve been playing Zelda: Skyward Sword over the past few months – it started out slow, but I’ve been really impressed with how complex and multilayered it is. And I’ve been playing a lot of Draw Something on my iPad, like everybody else it seems!

  2. I love video games! Especially the JRPGs like the Tales Series or Eternal Sonata, as well as the pokemon series and legend of Zelda series! I also love puzzle games and my all time favorite puzzle series are the professor Layton series! :)

  3. I have been hooked on Mario Brothers. Lately it has been “New” Super Mario on the DS but I’ll play anything with that little plumber and his brother. I also have a fondness for Katamari. There is just something so satisfying about rolling over people and towns that just brings a smile to my face.

  4. Anna! I just recently finished legend of zelda skyward sword and loved it! You have to play it till the end it’s so worth the time because the gameplay is so creative and fun!

  5. I’m a huge Katamari fan too! I was actually planning to blog about it soon. I love the clever simplicity of it, and the way that it includes so many random everyday objects specific to Japan.

  6. I love the Portal games! And I’m currently playing Kid Icarus Uprising, I love how this game utilizes the 3D screen and the touch screen in a unique and fun way to play! Oh gosh, there are so many video games to love and talk about!

  7. I played a little bit of Portal 2 and really enjoyed it. It’s a little frustrating to be someone who knits a lot but also likes games – my hands are too busy to play as many as I would like! But games are a really nice break from the knitting.

  8. I love playing portal and Raymond Origins. I just finished the portal 2 and I’m hoping for Portal 3!

  9. I finished Portal 2 about a month ago and recently my husband and I have both been playing DC Universe Online. It’s glitchy, but kind of fun. I’m generally not into the fighting games, but I love that I could create my character exactly how I wanted and I can continue to make her grow and change in the areas that I want. I’m also interested in a game called Warp, that I’m trying to talk husband into buying. We’ll see. :)

  10. I just checked out the website – it’s pretty cool! I’ve been playing Super Mario 3D Land and Stacking. Like most people who’ve commented so far, I also love Portal, so yay! I’m also thinking of playing Oblivion soon, when/if I get time.

  11. I never knew there was an overlap between knitters and gamers! That’s really cool :D My fiancé and I started Final Fantasy XIII not long ago. It’s really fun, but between knitting and studying (I’m in college), it’s hard to find time to play it! My fiancé is really big into video games, so I’ll definitely show him this website!

  12. I love video games, always have, although having a video game artist (and a certifiable game geek) as a husband you have to amp it up a bit more. I love rpg’s and always loved the Final Fantasy games but I have to say as of late the little ‘free’ time I get has been devoted to knitting.
    Between Steam and buying knitting patterns our poor Paypal account gets no rest. Thanks for sharing the site. :)

  13. Yay! It is SO true that knitters, crocheters and gamers overlap. I have been recently playing burrito bison, but I’ll play any game with good characters, but the drawing in the game is the big thing for me. I can’t stand crappy drawing!
    It’s so nice that there’s now a website for us mostly average people to talk about games too.

  14. I really dont hav time for the full on games like Zelda and such.I do have Windwaker and Ocarina of time I just dont hav the time to play on em being a single Mum.Again I spend most My time knitting and My Daughter is My no1 customer.She can never wait for Me to finish Shes always pulling it off the needles :D Wer both currently playing Mariocart for Gamecube and Im trying to get hold of Mariocart Wii.When I do get a bit of time to Myself I find Myself building with blocks in Minecraft.Which ties greatly with knitting cos everything is blocks and pixels so Iv already being playing round with knitting the characters :D

  15. I want Kirby’s epic yarn to come out on DS so I can play it…but Bowser’s Inside Story is a fun game. Also, my sister is playing Pokemon Soulsilver, but I haven’t been able to play it yet because when you go too the new profile it says it will not save…one day…
    I also play Spore, Spore Galactic Adventures, Fate, Fate Traitor Soul, Lego Starwars, and furcadia. All computer games, but so much fun!

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