Martha Stewart Gets Mochi-fied

A little bit of Mochimochi Land found its way onto The Martha Stewart Show last week!

When Martha recently debuted her new line of yarns from Lion Brand, I thought it would be fun to use it to knit the crafting queen herself—a miniature version in Mochimochi style, of course. I was thrilled that my little diorama made it onto the show! And the audience all got to take home a copy of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, thanks to Potter Craft.

Here’s a closer look at Mini Mochi Martha.


I tried to include a wide selection of her many animals, from her two adorable French bulldogs to one of her canaries (sitting on her shoulder). You can see some beautiful photos of all of Martha’s furry and feathered friends on

A huge thank-you to The Martha Stewart Show and also to Kim Small at Potter Craft!

21 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Gets Mochi-fied

  1. She’s making it for her pets, of course! You can see that one end is keeping her horse’s neck warm.

  2. Awwwww that’s so sweet of you Anna! Its relly cute. Love the little Siamese kitty ^_^

  3. Her horse is a lucky pet to get a scarf knit for it!! Way to go, what a great job on the tiny mochis!!

  4. Wow, Anna, I’m so proud of you! I love the teeny tiny Martha Stewart diorama. :) So cool and fun. You can tell she loves it as she notices her animals in miniature. I just bought your book finally and am attempting to start a mini elephant. :)

  5. You have hit the big time girl! Major exposure on Martha Stewart’s show! Wow, good for you! What’s next? How about the White House? Mini first family and a dinner invitation! Would that be political knitting? I digress… Hurray!

  6. Congratulations! I know this isn’t the first time you have been mentioned by the “Big M” herself but wow!! It’s so cute ^_^

  7. This is awesome!! Having all your books and a majority of your patterns, it’s so nice to see something even nicer happen to you! And I LOVE mini Martha and the little balls of yarn. Now I need mine to all have eyes…

  8. Congratulations, Anna. What a wonderful and well deserved exposure of your craft!

  9. Congratulations! I don’t watch the Martha Stewart show (or really any television), but I know how awesome it is to get on it. Go you!

  10. Congratulations, Anna!!! WOW!! You totally deserve this exposure!! And what a great diorama!! You continually blow me away!!

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