New Kits and a Mystery Bonus!

I’m excited to announce two new kits in the shop: Sushi and Unicorn!


These tiny mochi kits give you the pattern and just the right amount of yarn and stuffing to knit multiple itty-bitty mochis! They’re perfect for grab-and-go vacation knitting, and they make super gifts for your fellow knitters. All you need are a set of size 1 DPNs and a tapestry needle to get started.

Nine different kits are now available for $12 each in the Mochimochi Shop!

**Nab a Mystery Preview Kit**

Through May 31, purchase 2 or more kits and/or books from the Mochimochi Shop and get a free mystery preview kit!


These kits are new Tiny Mochi designs not available anywhere else! (They’ll be added to the Mochimochi Shop this fall.) A little hint: all three are human-type mochis, not animals or objects.

13 thoughts on “New Kits and a Mystery Bonus!

  1. I have bought 15$ worth of patterns and a book on amazon I think I should get a kit or is that wrong?!!!! Plz let me have a kit!!!!

  2. Brin – sorry, this promotion is just for sales of kits and books on our website this month. BUT we’re always doing different special deals and contest giveaways on the blog, so there are lots of opportunities for getting a little something extra!

  3. I really like the patterns, they are adorable! But still, all I am is flat knitter, nothing else to knit but boring swatches…*sigh*

  4. Just bought a few kits because the mystery is killing me! I can’t wait to find out what the mystery kit will be! Argh now I just have to wait for my package to come in the mail! *whimper*

    I also just wanted to say that the mini kits are perfect for me since I rarely knit with sock yarn I don’t have a lovely stockpile of scraps for knitting up tiny Mochimochi projects. I don’t have to invest in expensive yarn now to make a few tiny projects AND OHMYGOSH mystery kit :P Yes, I am that excited!! Thank you Anna for all the great kawaii patterns as always!

  5. I am super excited for the mystery kit! Do I have to do anything other than order the 2 kits?

  6. Molly – I’m excited that you’re excited! I hope you were pleased with the surprise!

  7. Yay! I have to keep expanding my pattern collection, my mother informed me this weekend she expects a new friend every time we see each other…. She lives 30 minutes away! So I either need more patterns or to move. Thank you!

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