Denise’s Sculpey Grass

I was a huge Sculpey user when I was in high school—that’s really when I was figuring out that I loved to make three-dimensional characters. So when Denise sent me this photo of her little Sculpey grassies (inspired by my free pattern Grass), I got all full-circle nostalgic about it!


It’s also exciting to see a Mochimochi designs rendered into a non-knitted medium. I would love to see more of that!

Denise was also the winner of our 2nd Mochimochi Photo Contest back in 2008, with her adorable photo of Stackable Cats playing slug checkers. It still makes me giggle!


5 thoughts on “Denise’s Sculpey Grass

  1. I still have some of your Sculpy creations. Hurry up and get fameous so we can insure them.

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