Super-Scary Mochimochi Coming in September

Look what has a cover design!


This is my next book of knitted toy patterns, due to be released on September 18th! I’ll have some previews and more info this summer as the release date nears, but for now I can say that it’s packed with weird, silly, colorful creatures that are guaranteed not to scare you at all really.

The cover photo was shot by my good friend Brandi Simons, and the cool lab location was thanks to Robert Sheaff at the University of Tulsa. (I was psyched that liquid nitrogen was on hand!)

You can pre-order Super-Scary Mochimochi from Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now, or you can get it from your local yarn store in the US in September. (The UK release date is October 7th.) I’ll also have signed copies available in the Mochimochi Shop (with worldwide shipping) once it’s released.

Hurry up, September!

22 thoughts on “Super-Scary Mochimochi Coming in September

  1. Eeeekkkk gotta get one!!! Please do a contest to get a free copy!!!!! That would be awesome******!!!!!!

  2. OMG I’m so excited! I can’t wait! I have to get it on release day so I have time before the photo contest to get knitting!

  3. My kids are going to go nuts over this! They are already obsessed with teeny tiny mochimochi. My kindergartner tried to promise his entire class at school that I would make one for everyone. I had to put my foot down on that idea as I have my own schedule of knitting. When he gets older I am totally going to teach him how to knit so he can make his own.

  4. O my goshhhhhhh!!! I can’t wait for this to be released!! The cover design is SOOO adorable!! I love the guy with the mustache!

  5. Can’t wait ’till September! I’ll guess I’ll have to pre-order it on Amazon!

  6. Woo! Two great things in September… and Mochi’s! Countdown is on!!!!!

  7. !!! I don’t know HOW you manage to whip these books out so quickly, on top of the art shows and other patterns you sell online. Honestly, amazing! And of course I’m totally stoked for this. It goes without saying, but I’d love to be on the list for a review copy… ;)

  8. Wow~ the green monster is super cute! The liquid nitrogen really makes the picture amazing, good idea!

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