Go Team Mochimochi!

I’m psyched to see that some daring knitters are challenging themselves with Mochimochi projects for the Ravellenic Games! They even have an adorable badge, created by BreiKonijn.


As you may have heard, the Ravellenic Games got some unexpected publicity a few weeks back when its previous Olympics-inspired name got on the radar of the US Olympic Committee’s lawyers. Although now renamed, it seems to me at least that the spirit of the Ravelleniads (assuming that’s what they’re now called) has only been strengthened, with knitters stretching their skills to accomplish new fiber heights, all while enjoying the Olympic games coverage from London.

Although I’m not involved in the organization of Team Mochimochi, I’m excited to watch from the sidelines—I see that some knitters have already started posting photos of their accomplishments on their Ravelry discussion thread! (They also seem open to new members.)

Goooo TEAM!! And let us know in the comments if you’re taking part in the Ravellenics!

9 thoughts on “Go Team Mochimochi!

  1. I am mostly WIP Wrestling (though I started a new shawl), so I am going to spend some of my time finishing the Pundits I started during the last presidential election!

  2. I am so excited about the Ravellenic Games and knitting my very first Mochimochi. I will be knitting the Tiny Sushi Bar Set. Pictures will be posted upon completion.

  3. I have a sweater that I started last games and never finished so I am working on that for wips wrestling. I also am trying out a crochet project which will be interesting as I have never done it before. I just got tired of seeing all the super cute toys you can make with crochet and not being able to do them.

  4. I’m in it to knit it! I’m doing the Hat Dash, but my hat’s not taking half the time I thought I would. I’m looking into more patterns!

  5. I’m competing on behalf of Team Cluster Cuss! but I am doing a Pig with a Wig from Knitting Mochimochi as one of my Ravellenics projects! Thanks for the pattern! I can’t wait to see how it looks once I’ve finished it!

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