Happy Friday the 13th!

Thank you, everyone, for the sweet birthday wishes! And a special thank you to the Common Cod Fiber Guild for making it a truly awesome birthday!

Tiny Cupcake mod by Victoria Bell

Hey look at that, today’s both my birthday and also Friday the 13th! To celebrate my favorite kind of birthday (the Friday the 13th kind), I thought I’d spread the happy with a one-day discount.

Enter THIRTEEN at checkout today and get 13% off your entire order from the Mochimochi Shop. This discount is good for today only!

I’m spending my birthday in Boston, where I’ll be giving a presentation this evening at the Common Cod Fiber Guild (please join us if you’re in the area!), and then next week I’ll be taking a trip to Maine to see family. I can’t wait!

Because I’m on vacation for the next week, all physical products ordered from the shop will ship on July 23rd. (PDF patterns will arrive via email as usual.)

24 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th!

  1. Today’s my birthday as well! Everyone asks if I was born on Friday the 13, but I was born on a Tuesday :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Would so live to meet you tonight!
    If not, hopefully you’ll be back?! Or, since I just moved to the east coast, now maybe I can make it to one of your exhibits!!

  3. Happy birthday Anna and God bless you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! ^_^

  4. Happy Birthday Anna! it’s my birthday too, and I was born on Friday 13th. many years ago!

  5. Anna,

    I’m glad to have been among the folks at the Common Cod Fiber Guild who has the distinct pleasure of singing Happy Birthday to you on this Friday, July 13. (I’m also a July baby, the 4th.) I’m equally glad to have been a lucky winner of the raffle, and am now sitting at MIT with a gorgeous signed copy of your book. To think, I’m now armed and ready to create a mountain of tiny mountains! I love how serendipity brings people -and their ideas- together. Two winners on one day. ;^)

    All the best,

  6. Happy Birthday Anna!!! : ) Hope today will be wonderful for you! Tomorrow my best friend from Tulsa is coming for a week!! YAY!

  7. I’m glad that you had a happy birthday. Hopefully by the time you are back from vacation I will have a tiny knit of my very own!

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