Knitjvf’s Tiny Thriller

I’m in love with this miniature scene from the Thriller video recreated by Knitjvf!


Mini Michael was made using the Tiny Groom pattern as a base, and of course Tiny Zombies are the creepy dancers.

Pop Culture knits are so much fun. If you missed it, check out Knijvf’s Anne of Green Gables too!

10 thoughts on “Knitjvf’s Tiny Thriller

  1. So cute! I LOVED the Anne of Green Gables one as well (I’m reading that book right now, and it’s great).

    My favorite part of this is the knit brick wall in the background.

  2. Thanks everybody, glad you liked it. :)
    The Thriller idea goes to my friend Melissa who, while we were talking about the zombie pattern, said ‘you should do Thriller’, to which I said ‘of course I should’ and promptly felt silly for not having come up with it myself.
    And Nicky the brick wall was done using the ribbon stitch.

  3. I recognize the pattern in the background. If you want the pattern for it, it is in Mason Dixon Knitting.

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