Share your Smallest Knits: Lion Brand Giveaway!

Thank you for sharing your super-small knits in the comments! The winners were just selected by a trio of tiny gnomes.

The smallest thing I ever knitted was this itty-bitty elephant, made with lace weight yarn and size 000 needles, which I made a couple of years ago.


Even though I’m always knitting tiny things, making this extra-tiny guy drove me nuts! But it was a fun challenge and I’m glad I attempted it. (Unfortunately I think I accidentally vacuumed it up at some point, but at least I have the photo.)

If you know me, you know I always have tiny knits on my mind, but I’m especially thinking about them lately because the nice people at Lion Brand recently sent me the smallest, cutest sets of mini skeins I’ve ever seen!


I’m really not much of a squealer, but these perfect little packages elicited some audible delight out of me when I first saw them. They’re Lion Brand’s new Bonbons yarn, which is now available on the Lion Brand website and also at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC. Each assortment contains 8 mini skeins of yarn, and they’re available in sport-weight mercerized cotton, acrylic, and sparkling acrylic-blend.

I chose the three brightest assortments to photograph, but there are three more packages of equally lovely colors.


I probably don’t need to tell you that the Bonbons would be perfect for making little knitted toys, or ornaments, or embellishments, or any other small project that only requires a little bit of yarn.

Perhaps you would like to win some of this yarn for yourself? The Lion Brand people just keep getting nicer, because they’re offering to give away three packages of Bonbons each to three winners! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us about the smallest thing you’ve ever knit. (Pretend bonus points if you include a link to a photo!) I’ll choose three winners at random on July 23rd.

This contest is only open to US residents.

Also, don’t forget about my Tiny Zombie class at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on September 23rd—we’ll be using Bonbons to knit our zombies, of course!

301 thoughts on “Share your Smallest Knits: Lion Brand Giveaway!

  1. The smallest things I’ve knit are from the Teeny Tiny Mochi book. I took them on vacation and did a wedding series with the bride and groom and random pictures in Vegas of the princess, volcano and Alien. The pics are in the flickr group under gnomadknitter. :)

  2. I knit the teeny tiny elephant as a present for my mom to add to the elephant collection she inherited from her mom! He’s tiny, & awesome!

  3. The tiniest thing I ever made was a Christmas mouse for my husband. I knit it with Bernat (something or other), a fine weight yarn and the smallest needles I own.

    It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to put together. There’s something about knitting into the front and back of a stitch five times for those itsy bitsy bobble feet that killed the buzz for me. I also don’t know what happened to her, but every once in a while she’ll turn up in one of my daughter’s socks.


  4. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit is the Tiny Sushi and Tiny Unicorn from kits of yours that I bought at Vogue Knitting Live (in NYC) earlier this year. I love them. I put little phone keychains on them and gave them to my niece in individual tiny zipper sealed bags. I also made a Tiny Penguin from a kit of yours that I purchased at Vogue Knitting Live. :)

  5. I once made a “wollebol”, which is dialect and translates to English as a ball of yarn. It’s a character from a Belgian comic book series called “Kiekeboe”, and it’s definitely the smallest thing I ever knitted. They are these tiny red balls with limbs and an antenne on their head, with two eyes peeping through the fur. I love them because they are alien-like & cute. I wish they were real! :-)

  6. The smallest thing I ever knit was a sock, about 2 1/2″ long from a teeny lollipop cabin skein. It came on a lollipop stick, super cute!

  7. I’ve knit several tiny things from the Teeny Tiny MochiMochi book! It’s my go-to book for gifts! I’ve knit the alien, gnomes, mermaids, bunnies, the bride and groom, cupcakes and dinosaurs.

  8. The smallest thing I have ever knit is a little bunny, it was challenging at times, but oh so darn cute!

  9. The smallest thing I ever knit was a small monster… which was still about 5″ tall, but that was small for me! I plan to start knitting smaller in the future!

  10. Honestly the smallest things I’ve made were from your book, Teeny Tiny Mochi. They are so fun and cute. I also made a small mitten around Christmas time with sock yarn.

  11. Hi! Fun give away!!!

    The smallest thing I ever knit was a tiny coin purse. It’s 2 inches wide and tall, maybe 1/2 inch deep. I Put a cheery daisy button on it and made a flap closure. I use it to stash parking meter money. Small and soft. Easy to find in my cavernous purse. It’s made with a scrap of Lions Brand yarn too!

    Love your tiny stuff! Thanks!


  12. Teeny tiny bunnies from Mochimochiland are by far my smallest knits. This makes me giddy to see these tiny packages!!!

  13. what a great giveaway! when i first started knitting, i made a lot of hats for premature babies. they told us to use an orange as a gauge of how small to make them!

  14. The smallest thing I ever knit was a pair of earbud cozies from leftover sock yarn ( Especially in the wet Oregon winter, my ears sometimes get irritated by the earbuds, so I thought socks for them might help. They didn’t really work tho – the sock yarn added too much thickness to the earbud diameter and the earbuds fell out of my ears all the time. I think I need to try again with lace weight yarn.

  15. The smallest thing I ever knit was a tiny unicorn, from one of your kits, though I over stuffed him a bit so he’s quite large for his size.

  16. The smallest thing I ever knit was your zombie. Loved him. I gave him to a friend and she really loved him!

  17. The tiniest thing I have knit was a bunny out if sock yarn on 0 needles. She turned out very cute!

  18. It’s definitely something of yours…maybe the tiny cheeseburger that I carry around in case I need a little snack…! (I’m on a fiber-rich diet.)

  19. I knit up your tiny bunnies and stuffed them with empty pistachio nut shells. I have three or so of them and they are the cutest things ever!

  20. Chickens! I am a NUT for teeny tiny MochiMochi chickens and I can’t stop knitting them! I’m the one who emailed for permission to teach them as a class at my LYS, in fact.

  21. The smallest thing that I have knit is a small change purse. I would love to win this yarn to motivate me to knit some small creatures. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. The smallest thing I knitted was a baby bunny from your pattern. Sorry I don’t have a picture…

  23. Tiny Christmas tree and tiny snowman (of course mochimochi snowmen) ornaments. Definitely thinking little stars will have to be added this year!

  24. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was a tiny flat Octopus that I was doing for a Scarf/Shawl contest for a game that I play online. It was about 2″ tall, and the legs were about 2″ in length as well – he was more of a brooch for the cowl itself. Was super cute and fun!

  25. When I was in a pinch for yarn and desparately wanted a tiny gnome, I brought out the embroidery floss and size 1 needles. Pretty sure he’s on my flickr stream as snickerdoodleloves. No to mention all my other very awesome tinys from you! And some of my own creations… still love my nahrwal ;-) and mounted deer head…

  26. I knit several of your teeny tiny bunnies for a Ravelry swap. t was, by far, the tiniest thing I’ve ever knitted but it also introduced me to your website and all the teeny tiny knits!!!

    I don’t have a photo because I don’t know how to link one but trust me, it was cute ;)

  27. I’ve knitted all of the Mochimochi sushi characters. I have also made the tiny chicken, tiny phone, tiny dinosaur, and the tiny x’s and o’s from Teeny Tiny Mochimochi. I’m a big fan of your patterns!

  28. The tiny chicks from the moose pattern – we put them on ribbon and used them as Christmas ornaments. Next smallest is either the tiny dino or tiny superhero (from tiny human bean, but with a tiny cape and mask!)

  29. The smallest thing I’ve knit were miniature mittens, as Christmas ornaments. They have the through-the-sleeves string to use to hang them.

  30. Love these colorful packets of mini yarn. What a great idea! Like many of the other comments my teeny weeny knits were gift ornaments where I did mice nested in walnut shells. They were very cute

  31. I knit a bunch of tiny felted hearts one Valentine’s day. It was fun to have a pocket full of them to give to people.

  32. I’ve only just learned to knit, so the smallest item were some fingerless gloves. But I’m ready to try something smaller!

  33. The tiniest thing I’ve ever knit was a 1-square-inch blanket for a stuffed rabbit.

  34. the tinyest thing I have ever knitted is organs, for a sculpture. I super suprised I’m not cross-eyed, but it was a fun challange. ^_^

  35. I think the smallest things I ever knit were for a little plastic doll I had as a child, but then there were all the bunnies from your pattern this last Easter, and then some tiny Christmas ornaments one year, and maybe something else. I love miniatures!

  36. I knit a tiny “box” for my hubby. He wanted something to put his change in, and I was so excited that he finally wanted something knit that I finished it in 10 minutes.

  37. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was a hat that I made to put around a christmas bell.

  38. My smallest knit was also an elephant but I did it in shocking pink fingering weight yarn. She was super cute and is well beloved by the little girl I gave her to.

  39. The smallest thing I have ever knit (so far) has been little finger mittens…to fit on your finger instead of your hand. Not very practical but very cute for winter decorating!

  40. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was probably a cat toy! and it was promptly lost under the frig! Clearly more tiny knitting is in order!

  41. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was a bracelet made with crochet cotton in icord and then braided with two other icords made with the crochet cotton. It was very small work!

  42. You’re tiny chicken pattern is the tiniest thing I’ve ever made. I made a batch of 13 for my friend who wanted to give them away to nieces and nephews for Easter.

  43. the smallest thing i’ve made so far is a pair of baby socks. not the smallest thing ever in the world, but fiddly enough for me! :) i hope Lion Brand starts selling these packs at regular stores- i really need something like that!

  44. The smallest thing I knitted was a group of people. I put them all in a “Ragu” jar and printed a label that read “Soilent green is people” for a friend. It got many laughs

  45. The smallest thing I knitted was the teeny tiny bride and groom for my daughter’s wedding.

  46. The smallest thing I ever knit was a snail. Or maybe it was a slug? I have dreams of knitting lots of things from Teeny Tiny Mochi, but really, I like to just dream about the cute itty bitties.

  47. I was thinking it might be a blue sock I knit in the early pre-WWW days of the knitting online community (it was to self-identify those of us who subscribed to the knitlist server). It is about 1 1/2″ long and less than an inch in circumference.

    Then reading everyone else’s posts, it occurred to me it might have been a garment I knit for my troll dolls or Barbies as a child.

    More recently I made a Goldilocks fingerpuppet in fingering weight wool. It is sized to fit a child’s finger, so it is not very big either.

  48. Truthfully I’ve never made anything small. I’d love to try though. I knitted a bear and a sweater years ago.. Your ideas are so adorable. I’m very excited to start knitting again…

  49. The smallest thing I ever knit were tiny cherry blossoms to embellish a scarf.

  50. the smallest things i’ve ever knit are the mochimochi tiny baby bunnies! for the contest you held a few months ago – i usually knit in the size 5-8 needle range, so the first one was certainly a challenge, but each one was easier than the last. i definitely need to do some more tiny knitting, and these mini skeins would certainly help!

    here are my cute bun-buns:

  51. The smallest (and awesomest) things I ever knit were a bunch of teeny tiny mochimochis for Christmas presents last year. Thanks Anna for all the inspiration! And how cute are those packs of yarn?!
    (P.S. I put a link to my FB album, but don’t know if it will work. I have about 8 mochimochi on there :)

  52. The most recent tiny things I’ve made were a pair of Teeny-Tiny Mini Mochi chickens (one brown, one white) (but I added little tail feathers) using KnitPicks Palette and US 0 needles. They were gifts to a friend who has chickens. I think these were tinier than some of my earlier toys.

  53. My smallest knit would be the Mochimochi tiny baby bunnies. It was worsted weight yarn on US 3 needles, but they are the smallest toys I’ve made! I do have a large collection of embroidery floss, so I’ve been temped to try using it to make tinies but haven’t quite gotten started yet!

  54. smallest thing I ever made was the gnome from teenytiny mochimochi. he hang out with me on my keys

  55. My smallest knit was a tiny tree from the tiny forest in Teeny Tiny MochiMochi. He’s so adorably small. =P

  56. I knit the teenie girl scout you designed! It was fun and all my girl scouts and their moms loved it! We call her Rasta Girl Scout because her hair turned out looking a bit like dreadlocks. Lol!

  57. The smallest thing I’ve ever made was one of your tiny bunnies using crochet cotton and size 0 needles. Unfortunately he was one of the ones I gave away before snapping a picture.

  58. I’ve of course made your designs from you Tiny Mochimochi book, but on my own, I made a slightly bigger design that I linked to my blog. (I’m bad at updating it though!) It’s called “Monster in a Castle”, and it was a toy for my nephew that features a pink puppy and a SCARY green monster! Check it out! :)

  59. The tiniest thing I have knit: a tiny white elephant that looks like an anteater b/c I made its trunk too small. And I’m halfway done with a tiny monkey (then I moved and haven’t gotten back to it).

  60. The smallest thing i ever knit was a baby in a blanket when i found out i was pregnant with my 2nd daughter. I have also knitted many things from teeny-tiny mochimichi.

  61. The tiniest thing I’ve ever made is a chicken from Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi. I made it using laceweight yarn and 00s, so it is a bit smaller than usual! I also made a tiny owl that was supposedly destined to become a hairclip decoration, but I think it may have met the same fate as your tiny elephant.

  62. The tiniest thing I’ve ever finished was a tiny alien that I changed and made an adipose child. I made a really bad tiny baby bunny as my first 3-D knitting attempt. It failed, but it was tiny.

  63. The teeny tiniest things I’ve knitted so far are from your amazing Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi book!! It has the cutest of things to make. I have planned to make everything in the book at some point. Next I want to make the little island, being from Florida, it seems appropriate, and if I ever move, it’s like I will have a teeny tiny bit of it to take with me. =)

  64. My friend had a Sound of Music themed birthday party last year and I put together a little brown paper package (tied up with string, of course), and inside were a bunch of knitted and crocheted things: a cream-coloured pony, a kitten with whiskers, a snowflake, a rose with bead raindrops, a pair of bells, a goose, and a white dress with a blue satin sash. The biggest thing was the pony, about 4 inches tall.

  65. The smallest thing I have knitted so far is mice for a cat-toy. We just got a tiny kitten, and I wanted him to have a tiny toy, and the picture on ravelry looked kinda big… so I pulled out my 000 needles and some fine yarn and went to town. The thing wound up being a little less than an inch! I couldn’t even fit catnip in there!

    I’m good at accidentally small knitting. :)

  66. The tiniest thing I have ever knit was a tiny gnome made of embroidery floss… Tiny as a big toe!!!

  67. I can’t do supertiny stuff like teeny tiny mochimochis but I made a three inch tall I cord bear.

  68. A thimble for your pinky! Though I’m not very sure why I actually made it. :)

  69. I knit tiny sweaters and stockings as tree ornaments. My hands took a while to get over it!

  70. The tiniest for me was a tiny blanket for my daughters doll house. It was lace and absolutely beautiful with eyelets and designs and was knit on 000 bamboo needles. So cute! I loved it! Even though it was just a tiny little 1 inch squared thing it took soooo long to make!!! My daughter Lazlough completely adored the blanket and I think that her doll, (Sommer) loved it too. I could probably never do something like your teeniest elephant! : ) Hope I win!!! I love bonbon yarn!!! : )

  71. I squealed when I saw those Bonbons and the video Zontee made. The most obvious thing is that they are perfect for Mochimochi!

    We’ve made a bunch of the teeny tinies at our house. The smallest I made was probably from your panda kit and the nice sock yarn that came in that. He’s about 3/4″ tall? I’ve also made a lion and tiger from sock yarn. Quite a few things from heavier yarn, too.

  72. The tiniest thing I’ve ever knit was a tiny Teddy bear as a gift for a friend.

  73. The smallest thing has been the gnome from your book! I wish I lived closer to the Lion Brand studio.. ;)

  74. These are so precious! I love to knit tiny things because they are so quick! I once knit a collection of tiny star wars characters.

  75. The smallest thing that I made was a four feet by four feet afghan. (I’m more of a sweater/long term project person.)

  76. I made several of the bunnies from your book, and then placed them on the door handles of cars with car seats inside

  77. I haven’t knit a ton of small things .. I did knit some small toys for babies for a while (before I learned crochet), but nothing on the scale of your knits!

  78. The tiniest knit I can think of I’ve done was a pair of roller skates for a Barbie doll’s skating costume – tiny socks with seed bead wheels.

  79. Hi, the smallest thing I have ever knit is a tiny hat and sweater for a little gnome made out of of wine cork, and I’ve made lots and lots of them! Photo on my ravelry page at momoshari. Thanks for the chance to enter the givaway. Happy summer!

  80. The smallest thing I have ever knitted was the hot dog from your book. It remains my favorite thus far!

  81. The tiniest thing I’ve ever knit was a bootie. My gauge was abviously off because it fit my thumb!! Lol!! The next two I knit were much more baby sized!! Other than that, it’s my Teeny Tiny hamster herd!!!

  82. The smallest item was a knitted flying pig. It was about 3 inches snout to tail. The little wings knitted in the round were a challenge but I did it! I enjoy visiting your blog. It really cheers me up to start my work day. Thank you!

  83. Sushi! I made tamago, two different rolls, some ginger, and tiny dab of wasabi.

  84. The smallest item I’ve ever knitted was the teeny tiny mochimochi cupcake. I’m better at crocheting teensy things, and I have made quite a few doll accessories and toys under 1 inch high.

  85. The smallest thing I have created so far is a tiny mushroom with a snail crawling across it in a mini-flowerpot. Thanks!

  86. What a great contest! The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was a sandal for a knitted doll that I made. I think the bottom part was only 5 stitches across and the upper was only one or two stitches.

  87. using my 0 pt needles, I knit some tiny acorns to use in lieu of pompoms on a pair of leg warmers.

  88. A scarf out of tapestry needles and sport yarn. My fingers were cramped for ages! They were literally stuck together after three minutes of knitting!

  89. The smallest thing I’ve ever knitted were some of Mochimochiland’s own Tiny Baby Bunnies, although some knitted fingerstaches with DK weight yarn certainly came close!

  90. The smallest thingy that I ever knit was a knitted monster from danger crafts but with chroma fingering weight yarn. So adora! Wish I had a pic!!! : )

  91. The smallest thing I’ve made so far have been flowers to adorn baby caps. I’m a huge fan of Lion Brand and would love to try out their new Bonbons! Thanks for the chance to win.

  92. I knitted the little korknisses- wine cork gnomes- for xmas gifts one year. I made a small army!

  93. I knit dolly sweaters for my Blythe dolls that are pretty small. Blythes wear about Skipper sized clothing. The sweaters are fun to make and use sock yarn.

  94. The little dinosaur in Tiny Mochimochi was the littlest thing I have ever knit. It was surprisingly easy and so adorable. Although, I think everything that little is adorable.

  95. I recently made a little puppy. I guess he is not as small as your sweet little elephant…but he’s still cute!!!

  96. The smallest thing I’ve ever knitted are from the MochiMochi book I got for Christmas. Some of them are on my blog at

  97. The tiniest things I have knitted are the snowballs that come with the santa pattern.

  98. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was the MochiMochi bunny pattern. I knit him up in this bright purple and pink yarn and he still manages to get lost in the house only to re-emerge somewhere totally unexpected!

  99. The smallest for me was your baby bunnies… They are so quick and fun! Plus, they are so inhumanly adorable!!! : D

  100. The smallest things I have ever knitted are Mochimochi teeny tiny bunny, elephant, mermaid, airplane, hot dog, and gnome! The hot dog probably ended up being the smallest.

  101. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was a hat for a matching Christmas jacket I made for my sister’s stuffed animal bear. I made it up in the car on the drive over and it turned out quite well, I must say! :)

  102. The smallest thing I ever knit has to be the tiny reindeer from the second mochimochi book. They were made for my daughter who is obsessed with reindeer year round. I spun some nice looking alpaca roving into a lace weight single then knit them on size 1 dpns.

  103. The smallest I ever knit was a mochimochi record player. It was very nice looking in the end. I tried to duplicate in embroidery floss but that ended in a failure, sadly.

  104. The dmallest thing i ever made was an itty bitty ear of corn, at 3/4ths of and inch tall with size one needles and sock yarn.

  105. What a great idea, mini-skeins that I don’t have to make from full size skeins!
    The smallest thing I ever made were small kitten toys that were really small balls I was making for a diorama… But the cats stole and made their own

  106. The smallest thing I ever knit was a pair of booties for my friend’s amazing premie baby. Tiny tiny feet!

  107. I think the smallest thing I ever knit was probably the tiny baby bunny. Also zombies, an elephant and many many tiny gnomes. All from Mochi Mochi patterns of course.

  108. I knit a pair of sock earrings using the Los Lobe Hose pattern on size 0000 steel needles (my fingertips looked a bit pin-cushiony when I finished) and very thin rainbow crochet cotton thread. I’d include a photo but I haven’t seen them since the last time my daughter “borrowed” them but I believe they came out at just under 3/4 inch long and just a tad too small for Barbie.

  109. The smallest thing I ever knitted was a little rabbit from a library book that I think was called Knitted Gardens. It is only about 3 inches long. It was probably supposed to be smaller, but I am a loose knitter, and I also double stranded the fingering weight wool yarn with this incredibly soft yarn I had found at Big Lots one time. It seems to have only gotten fuzzier over time, though I think it’s partially because it’s turning into a dust bunny..

  110. I knit a ton of mini Yodas and R2D2s as party favors for my son’s birthday party!

  111. I’ve done some miniscule doilies with thread. I know it sounds weird, but I love making doilies! I drape them around my house and use the itty bitty ones in decorating books and other art projects.

  112. I made a lace bracelet once… Not teeny tiny but small! I got the tiny mochimochi book though so hopefully of I win some bon bons I’ll be knitting all kinds of stuff for my cats to poop out soon. :D

  113. The smallest thing I have ever knit was a small sun key chain to give to my friend because she was upset over weather ruining her vacation plans.

  114. The smallest thing that I’ve made was a little pair of preemie booties. It was challenging but they turned out so so cute

  115. I knit several tiny little snails a few years ago and hung them in weird places. They kept moving around the house and cars for almost a year until they were all lost. :( I should knit a few more.

  116. The tinest knits have been from your books Anna. I have knit lots and lots of bunnies! I have knit the dinosaur, the corn on the cob, and the fried eggs. But I think the tiniest one I have knit from you is the candy corn knit with very thin sock yarn! Soooo cute!

  117. The smallest ever I have knit was a beanie hat with some cables and ribbing on the edges. It was sooo soft and comfy!

  118. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit, in terms of size, would have to be my tiny silver dragon: He’s knit from a single ply of yarn on US 00 needles, and his wings are supported by a strand of 24-gauge jewelry wire.

    I’ve also knit several pieces of doll clothing that are incredibly fine-gauge (US 1 needles or smaller), but physically larger than the little dragon. :)

    Love the giveaway!

  119. The smallest thing I have ever knitted was the tiny chicken from your book Teeny Tiny Mochimochi. I knit it on size 0 needles to give to my six year old son who wanted a smaller chicken as a companion for “Mrs. Luisia Cluckers ” who I knitted on size 1 needles from the same pattern. The new smaller version he refers to as just “Cluckers”. Thanks for the tiny inspirations.

  120. Baby booties – but even those are large compared to what other people have made!

  121. The tiniest thing I ever knitted was a tiny human bean with sock yarn to put in my knitted alligator toy, also from the MochiMochi book. :)

  122. The smallest thing I have ever knitted are your baby bunny patterns. I ended giving them all away for Easter and I’m sure I have some that will pop up under the couch the next time I clean.

  123. The smallest thing I ever knit was a tiny elephant from Teeny Tiny Mochimochi. I knit it on 1’s with fingering weight alpaca. It’s super soft and squishy.

  124. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was a whole bunch of your teeny, tiny bunnies for my niece. I put them all in a teeny, tiny paint can for her to keep them in.

  125. I knit two of your teeny tiny bunnies. I have also been known to take a regular pattern and knit it with sock yarn. For my nephew I made a balaclava and a sweater out of crochet coton for his clothespin doll for class.

  126. Squee!! I’ve been wanting to knit a few of your patterns I’ve purchased and this would be perfect! (I just finished the snake – with a tongue added. :) )

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  127. I knit a tiny gnome last Christmas to go with the Gnome mitts I made for my daughter-in-law. She loved both!

  128. The tinyest thing I made was a scarf on tooth picks for my barbie :)
    P.s I’m 12 so yes I have Barbies!

  129. The tiniest thing I’ve ever made was the Tiny Bunny on toothpicks and honestly, it wasn’t that hard. All the yarn I have are neutral, boring color and I would love to get some new colors

  130. I’ve knitted several of your patterns but the smallest would be your tiny bunny pattern. Although I’ve probably knitted almost 100 of them. My nieces love them and my silly husband carries his with him everywhere he goes.

  131. The tiniest thing that I have ever knit was a tiny Santa! Also those snowballs. Except that I was out of white sock yarn so the beard and snowballs were hot pink!

  132. I haven’t knit any really tiny things. I made a choker out of laceweight mohair and size 0000 needles (and used sock yarn to make two blood drops that I attached to the choker). Other than that, it was either the Squirrels with Wheels or the baby booties I finished last month.

  133. I have made a tiny bunny and a tiny snail… and I need to make lots more because my kids fell in love with those two little guys and want friends for them. So I could sure benefit from winning this prize :)

  134. The smallest mochimochi I have ever knit was a tiny bride and groom. Hope I win! Thanks so much for the opportunity, Anna!

  135. The smallest thing I have ever knit is a red sock. The second smallest thing is a cupcake.

  136. The smallest thing I ever knit was an olive–and I messed up the shape, so it became yoda’s head. I knit a teeny sweater to go with and a belt, and ended up with a yoda finger puppet!

  137. The smallest thing I ever knit was the first mochimochiland kit I knit, one of your surprise preview human figures kits from earlier this year. It is great, less than 1.5 inches tall, and the recipient loves him, but I guess I’d better not describe him or send a photo. Love it, though, and it came out great!

  138. The tiniest I knit was a tiny sweater with tooth picks. Its only a front fornow ;)

  139. The smallest thing I ever knit was a tiny whale toy. I’d love to start knitting even smaller things and may pick up the Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi book, too cute!

  140. I knit a tiny sock to go on a mini sock blocker key chain.
    Those Bon Bons are too cute!

  141. a baby elephant is the most tiny thing i’ve ever knitted. I gave it to my friend for her birthday present. So the elephant belongs to someone else right now, too bad i didn’t get the picture of it

  142. a beanie in 2 colors on #1 needles to go with a poncho and ski pants I made for Barbie. The tiny fringes on the poncho were the most difficult to finish.

  143. The smallest thing I knit was an orange scarf for my little sister’s barbies! It was so fun:)

  144. I can’t begin to compete with the teeniest of the tiny knits, but I have made a wee little mouse, complete with scarf and beret – I’d guesstimate he was about life size, or a bit smaller, compared to a real mouse.

    Oh wait! I just remembered – I made your mini snowmen! Ha! I guess I can compete after all, hehe ;-)

  145. The smallest thing I ever knit was was a cover for the pinch together portion of a short metal hair clip. Used crochet yarn with flecks of silver on double zeroes. It measured 1/2 inch by 3/8 inches.

  146. The smallest thing I’ve ever knitted is a teeny weeny baby bootie. I modified a pattern to get it just right. Then I forgot to write down the mods and can’t remember what I did. So I’ll only ever have one teeny weeny baby bootie…

  147. I made a French fry and hamburger on sock yarn, size 1 needles. Adorbs!

  148. I haven’t knit much tiny stuff, but I did make something I later decided was a tiny crown to practice magic loop.

  149. I’ve knitting a TON of your tiny patterns, but the very tiniest thing ever was a wand for my daughter’s Tiny Fairy!

  150. The tinest thing I have knitted is probably my tiny ear of corn. I used worsted weight yarn and size 3 needles because 9:00 at night is not a good time to go to the craft store.

  151. the tiny bubble for the timy fish, probably. But that was when I went on a ‘tiny’ spree and knit over half of the patterns in Teeny Tiny Mochimochi! I love that book!!

  152. the tiniest thing i’ve knitted is probably a tiny snoopy for my son, complete with a tiny scarf!

  153. I think the tiniest thing I’ve ever knit would have to be Squoze from the Hugs & Squoze pattern! I haven’t ventured into the teeny tiny knits yet, but I’ve collected your books the minute they are released!

  154. I made 12 little bitties from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi for our neighbour girl’s 4th birthday, then presented them in a decorated egg carton! I had so much fun making them, and she was so excited that she brought them to pre-school for show and tell the following day. Here’s my Ravelry project page:

  155. The smallest thing I ever knit was preemie hats. I hadn’t knit for a long time and wanted to get back into it and this was the perfect project. Small enough to get my confidence back and then I had a bunch of hats to donate to charity too!
    Thanks for the chance to win these cuties!

  156. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was very small double scoop ice cream cones which I attached to hair clips. They were made from a pattern you designed!

  157. The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was probably your tiny unicorn. My kids love it! While it gets lost about every day we always seem to find it in new places ;)

  158. The smallest thing I ever knitted was candy corn that I got from someone’s website. It was so appreciated by the person I gave it to!

  159. The smallest thing I have knit is a toy kittty I made for my son. I have wanted to knit tiny creatures from your book for a while now. The book is on my shelf, and I gave my mother-in-law a copy, too.

  160. My smallest knit was a strawberry and a grape but I recently bought Teeny Tiny Mochimochi book and plan to make all the colection

  161. I knitted a tiny cupcake for a cell phone charm! It was given away, and I never took a picture!

  162. The smallest thing I ever knit was a couple of things from Anna’s book, which was a rocket, hearts, X & O’s. If it wasn’t for that I would say a button cover on 000’s. That made me cry.

  163. I made some tiny Mary Jane shoes for a cute knit doll. Took me a good few attempts but was really fun.

  164. The smallest thing I have knit was a purple tiny bunny that my dd takes every where with her. On a side note I am dying to get my hands on lb’s bonbon yarn, I have been searching high and low for it in my lys with no luck out here in the Northwest :(

  165. The smallest things I’ve knit so far are the bubbles for the goldfish from the tiny mochimochi book. (I knit the fish too.)

  166. The tiniest things I’ve knit so far are tiny baby bunnies for Easter. They turned out to be so sweet that I need to make one to tuck into my wallet to make me smile when I’m not! Tiny Baby Bunnies

  167. Hi, the smallest things I have ever knit are little cork people – caps and sweaters made for wine corks. I knit several of them every Christmas and sit them all over the house: on shelves, windowsills, wherever I can. They make me smile!

  168. I haven’t knit anything tiny yet, but I’ve made several crocheted items – including a 2″ bear and a 1″ crab (latter was my own design)

  169. This yarn looks awesome! The smallest thing I knit was a chicken with a bride & groom set and a gnome close 2nd and third. Love your patterns!!!

  170. I crocheted a 2″ Teddy bear. Loved it when it was done but it was a difficult project.

  171. The tinest thing I knit was the sushi & gnome from mochimochiland. Starting a miniature world!!

  172. A couple of cushions and a bedspread for my Dolls House. Want to tackle miniature clothes next!

  173. The smallest thing I ever knit was one of the trees from the Mochi Mochi book tiny forest pattern!

  174. (my website thingy on Raverly isn’t in top link condition, sometimes it will not work, I’m deleting it soon…)

    Hello, Anna! First I just want to thank you so much for this opportunity, I love lion brand yarn! I feel so lucky that I finally got to post a comment, I was in Arkansas for two weeks visiting family and got back at 2:09 a.m. Maine time! Ugh I’m pooped.
    The smallest thingy that I have ever knitted… Hmm lets see… Probably finger sweaters, for an auction, sorry I don’t have a picture… And for mochimochi its a bunny made for Easter.
    Thanks again sooooooooo much for this awesome contest, you are just too awesome.


  175. I made a pocket sized stuffed dog for one of my kids based on a full sized dog but with tiny yarn and needles. And then he lost it a day later!

  176. The smallest thing I’ve made was an owl. Just a tiny little pocket with a fold over to make the beak. Gave it to my daughter who loves owls.

  177. I haven’t knit anything too tiny yet, just a simple flower so far. These itty bitty things are so cute though!

  178. The smallest things I have knit or crocheted are baby booties using thread and miser purses.

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