A Tiny Glimpse of Fall

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re a long-time reader of my blog, my “tiny challenge” has gone from a weekly feature to just an occasional one. (Two years of weekly Tinys was a pretty good run!) But making new tiny mochis a little less often means that I have a little more time to actually write up the patterns and get them out into the world.

So more tiny pattern collections are on the way, and I did a little photo shoot with the next batch yesterday. Here’s a peek!


It was surprisingly easy to find pretty yellow leaves in my neighborhood to serve as autumnal props. I really can’t wait for fall, especially since cooler weather means that my new book is coming out soon, and then this tiny fall collection is coming in October!

18 thoughts on “A Tiny Glimpse of Fall

  1. Love the glimpse into your photography setup! Do you use any special lighting, or just the natural light from the window?

  2. I just used natural light for this photo. I use natural light for my “beauty shots,” and artificial light for techniques, for photos with no background, and for animated GIFs.

  3. awesome can’t wait for the new book. i take pictures the same way I have a north facing window so i just put anything I want to photograph on the window sill and seeing how we have sun almost all year round it works out great

  4. October?!? I may have a harder time waiting for the new pattern than waiting for the cool weather!

  5. I can’t figure out what that brown thing is but I can’t wait for your pattern to come out as well as your book! I’m so excited!! :D

  6. I’m so excited! I have your Teeny-Tiny book, which has actually gotten my sister interested in knitting!

  7. If those are tiny pumpkins then I’m sooooo excited it’s not even funny. I think my Boo bats would like them. :)

  8. I’m crossing my fingers that the patterns will be available VERY early in October! I knew when I saw this sneak peek that I would need to knit a teeny pumpkin for a wonderful co-worker, and have since found out that she will be moving away the 1st weekend in October. Regardless of when you release the patterns, I wanted to thank you for sharing your talent and creative spirit. I especially love knitting your tiny patterns. The reactions I get when I give the finished products to people as gifts are priceless.

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