Cute as a…

Look what adorableness came in the mail yesterday!


Starting this week, all orders of physical goods (books, kits, and hand-knitted tiny mochis) from the Mochimochi Shop will now come with a gnome button! I should probably say “while supplies last,” but I got a whooole bunch of these guys, so I expect them to last quite a while.

I’d been wanting to include little gifts with mailed packages for a while, without finding just the right thing, when it finally occurred to me that I could have something special made just for Mochimochi Land. So much more fun!

Speaking of shipping, I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks starting Monday for some exciting photo shoots with my favorite book photographer. So all physical goods (again, that’s books, kits, and hand-knitted mochis) purchased between September 3rd and 18th will be shipped on the 19th. This won’t affect PDF pattern purchases at all.

I’ll try to take some fun-but-non-spoiler photos during the shoots and share them here on the blog!

13 thoughts on “Cute as a…

  1. I have a question, Anna. When will your book be in the mochimochi shop? Because I was wondering if you think there will be pins when the book becomes available.

  2. I’m going to list the book on September 18th, which is the on-sale date. I’ll definitely still have buttons then!

  3. I was thinking about maybe getting a few other kinds made and offering them as a set, if there was interest!

    I’ll also probably take them to some of the events I’ll be doing for my new book in September and October around the NYC area.

  4. Oh, I’ll order something (twist my arm) to get a button, but I made bleed from all my non-knitterly friends beating me to steal my pin.

  5. Exciting!!!

    I’ve done a Follow Friday style blog-post today, and I’ve featured your blog on it. I’d love it if you could recommend three blogs to me that you love to read, but if you don’t have time that’s no problem at all. (The blog is if you want to check it out.)

    Thank you for being a source of inspiration to me!

    Corrie xx

  6. I need that button! I have a new bag (only one week old), that I’ve decorated with a couple of crafty/geeky tiny buttons and this would be a great knitting focus button to add.

  7. this gave me an extra excuse to buy a tiny unicorn kit ( as if I really needed one). can’t wait to see both if them in person! ^_^

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