Super-Scary Mochimochi is Here!

It’s chaos here today in Mochimochi Land, as Super-Scary Mochimochi has just been released and the tiny zombies are going wild!


No gnome is safe!

You can get your copy of Super-Scary Mochimochi, which is packed with 20+ patterns for the strangest and silliest knitted toys you’ve ever seen, from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, and in bookstores and local yarn stores across the US. Signed copies are also now available in the Mochimochi Shop (with international shipping).


And if you’re in the NYC area, please join me this Thursday for a talk and book signing at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio! (RSVP here.)


I can’t wait to see the monster mochi invasion!

13 thoughts on “Super-Scary Mochimochi is Here!

  1. LOL. A zombie gnome, love it!! In the book maybe??
    Ordered the book from your shop last night. I will now be anxiously awaiting its arrival here in Charlottetown, PE.
    Happy Book Day Anna!

  2. Yay Anna! I knew there was something I was excited for today – this is it! Just ordered my signed copy, can’t wait to receive it!! :) I am slowly getting the hang of knitting (finally!) and am almost done making Rainycloud for my bf! Thinking about doing a slight alteration so that it will rain some bananas due to some tiny monkey mischief heehee :)

  3. I have to wait another 40 days. They delayed the release-date in switzerland until october will be hard to knit up something until halloween, but shipping from the US is really expensive…. So I’m waiting and waiting and waiting….

  4. Love the zombie gnome! Zombie apocalypse!! I want book!! If only I had the money… But I promise I will buy super scary mochimochi! As well as teeny tiny mochimochi..! Hehe :D

  5. Mine is on its way from the Mochimochi Shop! Woo hoo!

    Google Books has an awesome preview, if anybody is interested.

  6. Just got mine in the mail. Sorry you couldn’t wait one more day to autograph them all for me. Thanks again for the visit!

  7. Haven’t decided yet if I want the print version or the Nook. I have til my payday to decide!

    Happy belated book day! Congrats Anna!

  8. Happy Book Week! I can’t wait to see all the creations and variations that knitters come up with by Halloween! Congratulations!

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